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Person and planet: what between them the general? The person has

and planets are much in common, both of them are live organisms. For example, in the system device of the planet Earth we have such elements as air, water, rocks, magma . Water can be presented as “solid air“, and magmatic fusion as “a liquid stone“.

These four elements of system communications give understanding of “labyrinth“ which structure to us was prompted by ancient thinkers, showing the principles of creation of “soliton“ - space atom of a big organism of the Universe.

In the ancient time mountain educations and were called - Gore`s bones, comparing the planet to the huge person. And on the planet Earth - “universal atom“ - ridges and mountains “grow“ to direct the movement of waters and winds is similar to a labyrinth or a soliton in the necessary party. We observe the same principles at the person: his skeleton forms the basis on which all life support system, nervous system and a muscular framework is based, all that, as does the person by the person.

In the nature there is a certain order: all bodies when heating extend, and when cooling clench. Everything, except water which is the main source of life on Earth. At a temperature from 0 to +4 degrees water when cooling extends, when heating compresses. At +4 degrees water has the greatest density equal of 1000 kg/CBM

Thanks to it in the fall and in the winter in deep reservoirs convection happens peculiar. When water, being cooled from above, falls down by a bottom only until its temperature does not decrease to +4 degrees. Then in a standing reservoir distribution of temperatures is established: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 degrees that allows to live under an ice layer to inhabitants of reservoirs. Water temperature in this case represents classical option of a numerical number of the table of Pythagoras.

And all table of Pythagoras represents the peculiar matrix showing an internal energy potential of water from 0 degrees (81 dielectrics) and further to 100 degrees when boiling in which the scheme of water distribution of life on the planet is submitted. It gives an evident idea: from 1 and below towards minimization - ice. From 100 and above towards increase - steam. The triune essence of water in three forms of the lowest, average and highest nature is presented in Pythagoras`s table. And numerical ranks define the making waters: distilled, heavy, easy, average, live, dead etc.

Till this moment nobody told us articulately and intelligibly - why heart of the person fights? Probably, because the person as derivative a planetary organism, it is created according to (similarity) to the uniform system standard. The earth receives a huge number of energy from the Sun and keeps at the same time approximately constant temperature. It means that our planet radiates in space approximately the same amount of energy which receives from space, and the person also has the luminosity power near 300w.

Without heat there is no life. It is known that too strong cold or a heat destroy all live.

Blood - the fine heat carrier, and warmly arterial blood going from within a body warms the blue blood which is coming back from extremities which adjoin to cold and ice surfaces. This heat exchange is carried out by means of a countercurrent in a bunch of capillaries where veins and arteries adjoin. But in this scheme of temperature condition of people does not keep within in any way.

Because he naked can also live only in certain climatic conditions, for example, in the conditions of ancient Egypt and ancient India, Mesopotamia and Babylon. The person has neither hair, nor peryevy cover. The only place suitable for existence of the “naked“ person is an ocean (what we were kindly reported by Charles Darwin about).

Further we will find analogy of human vital activity to natural powers of the planet.

Heart in this case will be good analog, for comparative display: at the planet Earth heart is the World Ocean consisting as well as at the person from 4 - x departments is a Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Rhythm of work of the World Ocean is defined by inflow and outflow in days for 24 hours.

Warm activity of the person is provided with system of blood supply which is divided into two parts arterial and venous. At the person, except arteries, the system of blood formation unites in itself a liver, a spleen, a capillary network, back in heart blood is delivered by the venous blood circulatory system. At the planet the role of a liver and spleen is carried out by the available glaciers. The arterial network is represented by rainfall, underground waters, and the venous network is the rivers returning water to the ocean where dams have analog of blood clot.

Time - one of forms of perception of space, it is connected with establishment of a causal relationship between the past, present and future.

For calculation of approximate temporary indications we will take the lunar principle which corresponds to human physiology more closely. For this purpose we will calculate life expectancy of the average person: 28 years x on 4 cycles (the return account 4 weeks in 1 month = 112 years or 7ő16). There has to live an average person so much.

Further we will find analogy of human vital activity to natural powers of the planet.

Heart of the person fights with frequency of 60 - 80 and more beats per minute. We will take for average size 80 and we will receive: in days 1440 minutes, we receive 1440ő80:2=57600, i.e. for one “beating“ of planetary heart, heart of the person 57600 times are reduced.

Further we draw an analogy, comparing life expectancy of the planet and the person: 112 years x 57600 x 777 = 5012582400.

Data of presumable calculations correspond to data in calculations of age of the planet Earth of 5 billion years. In this way it is possible to make also other researches, for example, of breath, sneezing or something other which will be also similar.

Here, probably, it is always necessary to remember and in time to think what to do if the planet once again “wants to be washed“ and to be cleared of dirt which we on it filled.