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How to look after houseplants? The flower grower`s calendar, March of

In a room greenhouse in March comes the real spring - a lot of light, the sun, heat. There is enough everything for normal activity, than a plant and use - begin to grow actively, releasing new escapes and buds. At this time they need a large amount of nutrients and moisture.

The flowers which were during the winter at rest begin to wake up. They need to be moved from cool places of wintering on a light window sill, having covered from direct sunshine in order to avoid burns of young growth. Begin to water them gradually, on slightly - slightly, warm water, not too rehumidifying the soil.

The wakening fuchsias, roses, hydrangeas and other plants which had a rest in the winter in a cool prior to active vegetation need to be passed in a bigger pot, to fill up fresh nutritious soil and to make cutting for formation of krone. To put a pot to the light place, to water and feed up weak solution of complex flower fertilizers.

The cactuses and succulents beginning grow actively at first need to be examined attentively with a magnifying glass. If the red creeping points were found - means, the artful enemy - a red kleshchik appeared suddenly. We carry immediately out processing by suitable preparations (aktellik, fitoverm etc.) according to the instruction. And only after elimination of wreckers we move cactuses from a zimovnik to the constant place.

After long magnificent blossoming cyclamens, a poinsettia go on the vacation. Deflowered cyclamens stop watering until they finally dump leaves. After that place pots with tubers in the cool dark place till fall, occasionally humidify the soil via the pallet that the earth lump strongly did not dry up. The poinsettia enters a short-term dormant period, approximately now for two months. For this time it needs to be placed in cool (about 15 degrees) the shaded place and only occasionally gradually to water. Then it can be cut off, replaced to the fresh soil and to put on light.

Mart - time of changes, the beginnings of active watering and podkormok. As a rule, only young people, actively growing plants completely replace, and the adult just change the top layer of earth in a pot, cleaning old on depth of 2 - 3 cm. Pay attention: the plant which is going to blossom or already blossoming cannot be replaced, it is necessary to wait for the end of blossoming. New pots are selected, proceeding from the volume of root system: if roots filled with themselves all old pot - means, new has to be 2 - 3 cm more in the diameter. If is not present - then just change the soil for fresh and plant a plant in an old pot. At change it is necessary as it is possible to handle more carefully roots not to damage them. The dried or begun to rot roots surely cut off, having powdered cuts with pounded charcoal.

The plants replaced to the new soil the first two - three months do not need podkormka at all. And those which leave in old soil or just pass in a bigger pot, feed up complex fertilizers for window plants of times in two - three weeks, providing them an optimum level of food.

Very much I recommend to arrange in one of warm days for the plants a bath - drench them under a warm shower, you will see how the foliage will cheer up and will turn green! For this purpose it is necessary to place a pot in a plastic bag and to stick at the stalk basis that water did not get on the soil. Within 1 - 2 minutes accurately we wash foliage from a shower, then slightly we stir up and we leave to flow down on some time in a bathtub. When the thaw stops, we remove a package, we transfer a plant to the room and we put before full drying far away from sunshine.

Now optimum time for cutting of the superfluous and extended escapes, for a cherenkovaniye and reproduction of plants. Cutting allows to create beautiful compact krone, at many plants promotes bigger branching and plentiful blossoming. Spring cutting is done to ficuses, koleusa, geraniums, a jasmine, a hibiscus, an oleander, if necessary correct growth of lianas and ampelous plants. The scraps received later implant shanks in water or in the soil, using pass - a small greenery.

Mart - the most suitable time for reproduction of houseplants not only shanks, but also seeds. For example, the geraniums seeded now in the middle of the summer will please you in the first flowers. But it is possible to decorate the apartment during the summer period not only houseplants, and and the odnoletnik who are well growing in a garden: petunias, balsams, nasturtiums, compact grades of asters and barkhatets, Chinese carnation, primroses, pansies, lobelia etc. These flowers perfectly feel in pots, containers and suspended baskets. It is possible to decorate with them window sills, balconies and loggias.

Be ready only to one problem - a choice problem from that variety which is on counters of flower shops. At present abundance of grades and hybrids it is a difficult task.