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The cold spring of 2012 of

will come March Tomorrow. The sun is brighter and brighter, elections are closer and closer. Putin will become the President of state employees, officials, national suburbs and country people soon. The offended city dweller will come to the area to state on March 5 to the power the protest. And here
A here the most interesting. How the power will arrive on March 5? Will reject a sentimentality aside and will begin to vintit everyone? Or will allow to dump steam and will begin let and decorative, but reforms?
the Answer, most likely, lies in logic of current election campaign. It is conducted very impudently and insolently. The genius Lermontov, the russophob Bagirov, athletes, singers, conductors and the director Govorukhin calling the intellectuals shit are mixed in a heap. The United Russia causing wild irritation of the population is cleaned away. Meetings of friendship of working class and the oligarchs who paid their arrival are held. Notorious orange threat as the main enemy is pulled out outside. Are chosen checked a sparring - partners.
Is lowered at all levels the American State Department. Such collective enemy of the people turned out. The collective of creative amateur performance from the most entrusted is brought together. Preliminary attack to some still remained objective mass media is carried out.
Is included an administrative resource at all levels. For a victory it is told not to stand behind the price. All is necessary to
on a prize altar with a devastating score already in the first round. The military rhetoric is introduced into circulation. It is told to die to supporters near Moscow. Opponents of the power are called officially Bandar-logs (in sense monkeys) and condoms. An attempt to split the country on Bow and Bolotnaya Square is made.
Are created and actively youth groups in support to the mode work. Work with bloggers on the Internet is carried out. The part them is simply bought. Salaries of police and the military are increased many times. Promises for billions of dollars are distributed. all this
I is made for the sake of one person - Vladimir Putin. Well, and his friends, of course.
Instead of the easy walk planned earlier at them turned out heavy fight. What is done by the winner, having occupied the capital of the opponent? Gives it for several days on plunder to the nuker.
Euphoria of a victory darkens reason. Napoleon who took Moscow also in the 12th year did not know then how to get out of it.
Putin will become the President of Russia. Russia semiliterate, non-russian and provincial in the worst sense of this word. To Russia educated, creative and clever to it will not get.
I that it with it will do - absolutely unclear. The cold spring of 2012 comes to Russia.