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What movie of 1991 was the best according to the Oscar? The thriller “Silence of Lambs“

In 1991 an image of the maniac - murderers in the American cinema changed to unrecognizability. The place of the brutal and immortal monster with a machete (scissors, the chiansaw, a kitchen knife, iron edges of etc.) the distinguished serial murderer borrowed. Not the psychopath, but psychiatrist.

Killing the victims (annoying patients, violent cellmates or prison security guards) not on command of a voice from the outside, and for the sake of achievement of a definite purpose, whether it be intellectual or traditional hunger. The cannibal eating the interlocutors behind a chianti small bottle, the big judge of painting, classical music and the person who is truly believing in power of psychoanalysis. Get acquainted, doctor Hannibal Lecter, the character of the well-known Oscar-winning thriller of the director Johnathan Demme “Silence of lambs“.

… The perspective trainee of the academy training future staff of FBI Clarissa Starling receives an unusual task as the thesis. It is entrusted to it to make conversation with extremely dangerous maniac, the cannibal Hannibal Lecter serving the life sentence in psychiatric clinic of a high security. FBI interests his opinion about a certain Buffalo Bill, the cruel serial murderer who is tearing off from the victims - young girls - skin. It is possible that Lecter, being even unfamiliar with similar deviation, will help an investigation and will draw a psychological portrait of the criminal which, despite all efforts of legalists, manages to escape justice dexterously.

Thanks to combination of circumstances between Clarissa and the mysterious prisoner the personal sympathy is adjusted. The girl who is held down and closed in herself shares with the stranger the secret fears and experiences in exchange for information on the business interesting her. Clarissa understands that delay of death is similar especially as recently Buffalo Bill found to himself a toy in the person of the daughter of senator of the USA again. The sensation and pressure of the authorities obliges the trainee to accelerate inquiry process, but she is forced to meet terms of transaction and rules of the game “you - me, I - you“.

Lecter is glad that in which - that eyelids of his knowledge of human nature were necessary for his foes. Using Clarissa, he nourishes own artful idea and seeks to leave close torture chambers as soon as possible. The prisoner agrees to share information on the behaving violently maniac in exchange for more comfortable conditions of keeping, but it is only the next trick. Lecter knows that he as soon as Bill is seized, him is stopped up in some Godforsaken dusty corner again and will forget about it already forever. The former psychiatrist has only one chance to get out to freedom, and it is ready to kill for the sake of a goal again …

the Third time in the history of the Oscar the movie - the nominee won all five main awards of film academy, including a prize for the best movie of year, the best male and female role, the best direction and the scenario. From seven nominations “Silence of Lambs“ missed only awards for a sound and installation, but, I believe, creators of a tape not strongly were upset about it. Having repeated record “ of One Flew Over the Cuckoo`s Nest“ (too closely connected with subject of mental disorders), Johnathan Demme and his creation established a new level for future cinematographers, and Anthony Hopkins in addition to the knightly rank received two years from hands of the queen Elizabeth a title and the sir prefix to the name later.

Whether it is possible to consider success of the “Silence of lambs“ removed based on the best-seller of Thomas Harris of the same name, accident? Or nevertheless the screen version of the novel naturally got popularity at the audience and critics, having honestly deserved all honors and praises in its address? So to say, the destiny ruled over a skillful hand.

We will begin with the fact that Johnathan Demme is extremely uneven cinematographer. It could stay for years in oblivion (what he, actually, is engaged in and now) that then it is unexpected for all “to shoot“ a lethal hit. He in 1986 shot the filigree romantic thriller “Wild Feature“ with Melanie Griffith`s participation and at all not “growing dull stupid“ Jeff Daniels. It belongs to his authorship the brilliant criminal comedy “She Is Married to Mafia“ in which the remarkable parody talent of the famous actress Michelle Pfeiffer was shown. By the way, Pfeiffer was planned by the director for Clarissa Starling`s role, however Michele considered the scenario too cruel and bloody therefore Jodie Foster presented recognition of an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and one of the best roles in career.

Thus very few people expected that he to Demma, earlier not having due experience in statements of thrillers, will manage to disclose all advantages of the best-seller of Harris on the big screen. The last till 1991 was picturized only once. In 1986 when to Demma released “A wild feature“, the movie “People Hunter“ which basis was formed by the first novel of the writer “A red dragon“ with participation of doctor Hannibal Lecter was released. The little-known cinematographer Michael Mann (later become famous for “Fight“, “Accomplice“ and Muhammad Ali`s biography) was a director of a picture, and Brian Cox got Lecter`s role. Then Mann`s creation passed almost unnoticed, and found a certain “cult“ status much later when the collective identity of Hannibal - the cannibal became a world cinema brand.

In 2002 the Hollywood film figure Brett Retner (the author of the trilogy “Rush hour“ with Jackie Chan) shot the repeated screen version of “A red dragon“, having invited in Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton and Ralph Fiennes`s project. Alas, despite a brilliant cast, the movie turned out the emasculated Hollywood product and by right it is considered the weakest link of film series. Well, unless, behind an exception absolutely the affected final in the person of the thriller “Hannibal: Ascension“.

Nevertheless, to Demma surprised public. It is not less, than the image of Lecter played by Anthony Hopkins, the person famous for the peacefulness and love to Shakespeare`s works struck the audience.

The actor literally forced audience to fall in love not just with the criminal, and real “nedochelovek“, the murderer, the cannibal and the artful schemer. His improbable look, a mimicry and intonations of a voice became a sample for numerous imitations and parodies. Though, according to him, it is not absolutely pleasant to the performer that film fans of the whole world first of all remember this image, but not, let us assume, his doctors from “The person - an elephant“ Lynch or the mad doctor from “The road on Uelvill“ Parker. But with it there`s nothing to be done, especially as the actor a “wreath of the happiness“. It approached Lecter`s role fundamentally, having studied the mountain of the actual material on a subject. And the result in the form of the Oscar and fan love did not keep itself waiting.

Thus, thanks to happy assistance of a great number of talented people where we will include both the great composer Howard Shor, and the operator Tak Fujimoto, and the actress Jodie Foster, from the project, quite ordinary by the standards of Hollywood, one of the most impressive and atmospheric thrillers of decade turned out. Let`s not forget to mention also talented Ted Levayn who got an inconsistent and provocative role - the transvestite - the maniac Buffalo Bill.

Whether “Silence of lambs“ one of the most prestigious film awards deserved? You never can tell. That year of the special competition it was not observed, and from rivalry with an Oscar-winning western of Costner “Dances with wolves“ a tape to Demma were protected by the studio which artificially detained a release of the movie in hire. Anyway, “Silence of lambs“ became the ancestor, let, not the most successful, but long franchize, and is one of the brightest representatives of genre cinema.