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Beauty shop in kitchen. How it is easy to prepare cosmetics from usual products?

Any hostess has in a stock many products from which it is possible to prepare quickly and easily various cosmetics for care of face skin (and not only). For example, house masks are very cheap, and their application often yields the best result, than use of expensive cosmetic preparations.

So, we recover on kitchen to look what at us is available and what from this can be prepared. The first that caught sight when we opened the refrigerator, this milk. Here, perhaps, we will also begin with it.


can prepare for

on the basis of milk useful cosmetics practically for any type of skin. Milk contains a lot of protein, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and various vitamins. Masks, compresses and trays with milk soften skin and clean the become lifeless cages. I offer several simple recipes.

For dry skin can prepare such mask . We fill in a tablespoon of oat flakes with a quarter of a glass of warm milk, we leave for some time until flakes bulk up. We merge excess milk, we put the received gruel on a face and a neck, we leave for 15-20 minutes, then we wash away at first warm, then cold water.

A nutritious compress for the withering skin. we Mix warm milk and boiled water in equal proportions, we moisten a linen napkin in solution, we cover the person and we leave for 15 minutes.

A tray for care of skin of hands. Polstakana of warm milk to mix with an equal amount of water, to add a half of a teaspoon of salt to solution and it is good to stir. In a warm tray we lower the handles for 20 minutes, then we rinse with water. If to repeat this procedure every other day, then skin of hands will become velvety and soft.

of Egg

will be In each refrigerator eggs. Let`s look how they can be used to remain young and beautiful.

For normal skin can recommend the following mask. We mix one tablespoon of oatmeal with one egg white, we shake up before receiving homogeneous mass, then we put on a face and we leave until mix begins to dry up. We unmask by means of a damp tampon, then we wash at first warm, then cold water. This egg mask strengthens face skin and does it opaque.

One more useful mask for normal skin . This time we take one egg yolk, we add a tablespoon of sour cream and as much carrot juice. Mix is carefully pounded with a yolk and we mix. We put the received gruel on a face for 15 minutes. After it we wash away a mask at first warm, then cold water.

It is possible to prepare and absolutely a simple mask . One yolk of egg is pounded with a tablespoon of vegetable oil and we apply on face skin and a neck. We cover from above with a damp towel, we leave a mask for 20 minutes, then we wash away the remains warm water. This mask will well feed and will refresh skin.


For certain at each hostess is binned by

honey. Came it is time to get it.

I want to tell how to prepare nutritious the softening mask for dry skin . We pound 2 teaspoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese, we add 2 tablespoons of warm milk to mix and it is once again carefully mixed. We put the received weight on a face for 10 minutes. After that we remove the remains the wadded tampons moistened in warm water.

For normal and fat skin will be suitable such mask. Properly we beat 1 egg white, we add 1 teaspoon of honey, we mix, then we add to mix of a little wheat flour that dense gruel turned out. We put a mask on a face, we leave for 10 - 12 minutes, then we wash away cold water. Such mask will dry and will clear skin.

Green apples

If at you in the house is apples, then time came and to put them on use. Cosmetics with use of apples nourish skin organic acids, pectins, saturate with potassium, calcium and silicon. All this promotes smoothing of wrinkles and does skin young and elastic.

Let`s prepare a simple mask for the withering skin . We peel apple of a peel, and we cook in a glass of milk, after that we mash apple a fork. We put the received warm weight on a face and we leave for 15 minutes then we wash away cool water.

The age of the woman is given by her neck not to be afraid of it, prepare a special mask for a neck and area of a decollete. we Grate couple of apples and we mix with 1 tablespoon of starch. We impose the received gruel on a neck and a breast. In 20 minutes we wash away cool water.

And some more useful tips

They are intended to

for middle-aged ladies.

If in the refrigerator there is a lard , then with its help it is possible to make very quickly skin soft, gentle and to hide the available wrinkles. For this purpose grease a face with a lard piece (or fat), leave for 10 minutes, then wash away warm, then cold water. This procedure very much will help if you have an important appointment, and there is no time for visits of beauty shop just.

In order that to smooth with wrinkles and to improve complexion , it is possible to use such mask. Mix in equal shares cod-liver oil and honey (for example, on 1 teaspoon), add 1 tablespoon of boiled water, carefully mix everything and put on a face. In 15 minutes wash away mix at first warm, then cold water.

The moistening mask for the withering skin. For its preparation will need the dried-up peel of one lemon. It needs to be ground in the coffee grinder to a flour consistence. Then add one egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey to flour. Put a mask on a face, in 15 minutes wash away warm water.

The rejuvenating face pack. to displace 1 tablespoon of castor oil with 1 teaspoon of vaseline, to add 1 h a spoon of honey and 3 drops of iodine. It is necessary to mix and put carefully everything mix on a face. In 10 minutes to wash away at first warm, then cool water.

I advise not to hurry with purchase of expensive supporting cosmetics. It is possible to keep the beauty, using those products which are in your house!