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Metabolism. How to accelerate a metabolism?

Metabolism - it is process by means of which production and power consumption for temporary use of activity of an organism is carried out. The quicker there is a process of a metabolism, the quicker there is a burning of calories, and it to facilitate a problem of decrease in body weight.

1) Muscle bulk.
a metabolism is slowed down With age - for 2% a year! But it can be overcome. Muscles - this is the only and most important guarantor of that, how successfully the organism acquires food, burns calories and fatty weight, - Sherea Lieberman claims. So the strengthened trainings not only will give the muscle bulk and a relief, and will also help to accelerate process of a metabolism. P. S After training an organism continues to burn calories in the accelerated mode.

2) Active lifestyle.
Of course is one of the most widespread and effective methods burning of calories. Basic elements of active lifestyle are: morning exercises, jog, driving the bicycle and swimming.

3) Green tea.
Green tea is a unique product since it, as well as coffee, contains caffeine, but at the same time green tea on the useful properties and lack of harmful effects on an organism, much better. The main useful properties of green tea are:
- Reduces the level of
cholesterol - Helps to lose weight, burning calories
- Reduces the level of a blood pressure
- Prevents arthritis
- Strengthens the immune
system - Reduces sugar level in
blood - Prevents caries
Reduces risk of diseases of heart
Reduces risk of a stroke
Reduces risk level of blood clot.

4) Good dream.
of Research show that the people who are not receiving the 7 - 8 hours of a dream are more inclined to a weight set. Besides, the last several hours of a dream are necessary for restoration of muscles.

5) Do not forget about a breakfast.
after awakening a metabolism is slowed down in the Morning by t. to an organism did not receive energy during a dream and from - for it process of a metabolism is slowed down. The good breakfast will help to return the good level of a metabolism. The best breakfast, in my opinion, is porridge with tea)

6) the Stress your enemy!
Avoid a stress! He to you will help to gain t weight only. to a stress causes emission of cortisol, the steroid which is slowing down a metabolism.

7) Eat! I want to tell
to Those who tries to grow thin by sharp restrictions in number of the consumed calories that you make a serious mistake since it you only slow down a metabolism. It is necessary to eat small portions, write reception to break on several, it promotes acceleration of a metabolism and loss in weight.