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The hero of our time - who is he?

you read M. Yu. Lermontov`s work “The hero of our time“? In this story life of the hero of lermontovsky time in whom all defects human are collected is described. Perhaps, and presently there are heroes? Let`s understand.

Hero our time... What it? What is it? What qualities at it? Before answering all these questions, it is necessary to find out value of the word the hero . The known Wikipedia explains with everything to us this word so: “The hero - the person making the act of self-sacrifice for the sake of general welfare“. Let`s try to make on the basis of this definition a portrait of the modern hero.

Well, the hero is first of all the person ! But not any person the person is and furthermore the hero. What qualities it has to possess to approach the treasured status of the hero of our time? I will not speak for all, and I will tell personal opinion, perhaps, it also is wrong. The hero is not an ideal person, he optional has to be beautiful as a doll, clever as Einstein. The hero can have shortcomings which he does not hide, but also does not parade. The hero has to be clever, not in the plan intellectual, and in the plan spiritual. To aim and go to it; to be cunning; to know the business; not to spend in vain time; know what wants; to be able to get out of difficult situations; to think before telling; to appreciate every minute the life; to find something good in each person - so there has to live a modern hero, the real person.

We will address the following part of our definition in which it is told that the hero makes “the act of self-sacrifice for the sake of general welfare“ . That is he endows himself for the sake of someone: friend, parents, children, simple passersby, friends, the city, country. What he can make donations?

Well, it can offer the time to help the lost boy to find the mother, or to rescue the perishing Siberian tigers. It can, well, not offer, but risk health, looking after the grandmother sick with flu or the spasayatonushchy person. It can offer the money, helping orphanages or rescuing from hunger of the African children. Yes a lot of things can be offered for the sake of someone. But it is a little simple to endow, it is necessary to do it absolutely disinterestedly and precisely know that your help is necessary. And why to spend time, helping those who from you do not wait for the help, do not ask it to whom the help is not necessary at all? To do something for other person on purpose in the future to remind that “I helped you that time, now I want to receive the help from you!“ And the person out of a debt (at the same time a weight more of unpleasant feelings and emotions can accompany it) begins to help, despite the unwillingness.

We will collect a complete picture of the hero . So, the hero - is not ideal. It can be ugly, lean, unindustrious, inconsistent, thoughtful, inattentive. The hero has to help others, and not always in the habitual ways (for example, Pechorin in M. Yu. Lermontov`s work “The hero of our time“ broke others hearts and hopes, showing to people that not all need to trust and think before to make something, not to follow the tastes the feelings and emotions.) The hero, thinking of others, has to think first of all of himself, there will be no world and harmony in themselves yet, around it will become better for nobody not!

As we have a purpose - to understand the one who is a hero of our time it is necessary to understand also the phrase “our time“ . We live in the beginning of the 21st century, and these are not XIX and even on XX! For several last decades our life in many respects strongly changed, very strongly. Children are taught at school so that it is possible at once to go to work with school preparation! Scientists, apparently, opened and studied everything that is possible (especially British). Huge money is spent sometimes for silly opening and researches, but all - it stops nobody. Now we can replace our work with machine almost completely: dishwashing and washing machines - instead of last basins with water; cars and other transport - instead of the three of horses; e-mail - instead of paper mail; the Internet and the TV - instead of newspapers and radio. So heroes of our time it is difficult to call “great“ scientists who to us facilitate life. But it is impossible as because of opening and inventions of the same scientists, we slowly degrade! As not sad to realize it.

For this reason shortage of communication with others, live, people becomes grief and grief of people presently. Presently it is necessary to be vigorous, sociable, cheerful, never to despond, be able to solve the problems independently and to find forces to give a helping hand to others. Personally I very much lack a human interaction, all wallowed in the world of the Internet and social networks on which it is much easier to communicate (as it seems to them).

Having well, connected the description of the concepts of the hero and of our time , it is possible to gain very complete idea of the modern hero, though a little inconsistent. Unfortunately, I cannot tell for an example the name of such hero as I never before met the person with such characteristic that I was described above. But anyway, I know precisely that everyone for himself has to become a hero, feel the hero, try to be the hero. Then surrounding people, perhaps, will begin to admire you. The main thing - is good to try! The main thing - to want!