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What to do if at home the cat was got?

Speak, cats find to themselves owners: as though some invisible silver thread conducts them on life - the homeless and “poteryashka“, thoroughbred and not really, adult and even small - there where it is possible to find something good. It would be desirable that all persons in need so found heat and care.

One morning heard that somewhere at an entrance is mewed by a cat. Always I worry: someone`s or anybody`s? Always mentally I wish that it was necessary to someone. On - wished! I trudge home in the evening - the miracle runs out! And from where you knew - Oh, that I will come? And here, you sat - About under a ladder all day as though feeling that it is not necessary to leave anywhere?

I did not know yet what to do, and the pussy, despite the obviously homeless status, knew: probably, not to maleficiate, he did not behave as the hungry, desperate cat at all. As I absolutely incidentally learned later, that day neighbors already took it home, to show to the daughter. Showed and... exposed back under a ladder. But also after that it did not leave.

... The pussy gracefully walked up and down, rubbed about corners, showing what he is beautiful. I thought that it is necessary to feed him, and called with myself. In the elevator he only carefully glanced, and we began to walk slowly upstairs. The cat (somewhere I already felt that it is a cat, or I so wanted) stopped and rubbed - he obviously did not want to be imposed and waited that he was called still.

At last, we reached. The cat glanced at a door, he was called again, he entered. I found sausage, put on a floor, villages nearby. Nyukhnuv sausage, the cat looked round, thought, and jumped to me directly on knees! Some sixth sense prompted that the cat will not leave already anywhere. Though I also did not know what to do: before cats were only in the village.

It was much simpler to keep an adult cat in the apartment, than I thought: everything that is necessary, is a tray (sometimes a filler, but “we“ managed) both a pan with a forage and water. And when my pussy also learned “to go“ to a toilet bowl, I was finally convinced that it - really a miracle.

It is desirable to show a cat to the veterinarian. Usually after the street it needs to give glistogonny and to process from fleas (drops from fleas are in any booth of pet goods).

When get a little kitten, he perceives care as something by itself relying: he does not know that he is and in a different way. The adult cats and cats who visited the street are capable of huge gratitude to those who will shelter them and will fall in love.

Unlike a kitten who still needs to be taught how to behave the adult cat itself also knows that it is necessary to go to a toilet, for example, accurately, without leaving even a smell. In the conditions of the apartment he will look for where it is better. It is possible to put a tray to that place which was chosen by a cat and to move gradually there where it is necessary. Show to a cat his toilet more often (transfer a cat there, having seized the necessary moment). It is simple to find councils.

The main thing, do not take in head to stick a cat with a muzzle as advised in the old manner: the cat at heart purposely does not spoil, just he does not know how it becomes in an unusual situation. Besides for a cat it is a stress, and it is necessary, on the contrary, to help it to adapt. Read once a story that patience accustomed to a tray even 8 - a summer street cat.

Anyway even if the cat celebrated need where it is not necessary, does not mean at all what him is what to abuse for. Once the father forgot and closed per day a door in a toilet and when watched TV later, the cat somehow strange turned - ran there - back, obviously wanted to draw attention. It appeared, the cat descended on big in a corner, behind the TV, and showed: a pier, there - a disorder, it is necessary to clean.

In general, Barsik (so we called the pussy) convinced that it is even better to get an adult cat, than a kitten. Even I do not know, than to explain, but the stereotype “is taken a kitten“ just disappeared. Young cats, till 4-5 years, play sometimes not less kittens. I remember how relatives by phone ached: here, if a kitten, but personal acquaintance changed everything.

And there is even no wish to think that that day under a ladder he could not wait! Or not to run out to me safely towards, declaring: I here! I am the best cat on light.

Some cats and cats love the street and walk, even living in the apartment. Of course, to resolve this issue to owners. That is together with a cat. Barsik lives in the village now, he likes to walk at night. In the apartment at night in windows it was scratched, as induced to think how to arrange everything.

Despite it, he is absolutely civilized cat: if at the night of the house, then sleeps with someone on a bed, tries to lay down on a cover, but not directly on linen. Does not catch mice, children and their “caress“ suffers. With pleasure comes to sit - to sleep on a lap. And when someone works in a kitchen garden, follows just on heels, for the company just as a doggie (it is only not necessary to walk).

It is very attached to those who love it and care for it. Though cats are also reserved in manifestation of emotions, but when someone is absent - it is visible that misses, looks for. Also rejoices when come. Sometimes I think: it is so put by the nature or works the fact that it was once on the street, and we sheltered him and fell in love? How you think?

As a bonus to everything it turned out that long fluffy hair of our cat fades very little, it is much less in comparison with ordinary korotkoshersty cats. Later, reading about different breeds, understood that for certain it - from the Siberian breed with which at Barsik there is a lot of the general. It is not necessary to look after such wool practically. I admit, at all the cat was never bathed and not combed: it also did not allow. He looks after himself.

Finally: if to you once the fluffy miracle towards runs out, look narrowly: can, something conducted it to you? And still - at present - the pussy can be met easily and on the Internet.