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Why the grandfather - Mazay?

the best-known character of the Russian literature are not Eugene Onegin and not Natasha Rostova, and an unfortunate doggie of Mumu. About it know even those who absolutely do not read books. Also the savior of hares grandfather Mazay, the hero of the poem of N. A. Nekrasov is not less known (1821-1878). We will also talk about the reasons of this popularity.

N. A. Nekrasov, except that was an outstanding poet, was not less talented publisher. In 1846 he bought the Sovremennik magazine. The edition of this magazine was started still by A.S. Pushkin, however in ten years of the existence “Contemporary“ did not make any profit for owners. In a short space of time “Contemporary“ became works of N. A. Nekrasov the most popular (and, therefore, and the most profitable) the magazine in Russia of that time.

And not only from - for the fact that the most talented writers were involved in cooperation. Along with care of qualitative content of numbers N. A. Nekrasov opened a wide range of new, ““ readers. With readers these the magazine spoke their language and did not hesitate to discuss subjects, “hot“ for them. From here - tremendous popularity and even cultishness.

It is impossible to tell that Nekrasov wrote by request, but he guessed the so-called “social order“. As the skilled and successful gambler (which, by the way, Nikolay Alekseevich was), having seen that “the card went“, he skillfully used the sprained opportunity to hit a jackpot. The convicting verses on a heavy share of the Russian peasant left as if hot pies, forcing readers to forget that they are written - that they by the landowner - the landlord with a habit not so liberal.

And to my contemporaries it is not difficult for me to present at the expense of what and how popularity of that, nekrasovsky “Contemporary“ grew. On our memory at the end of 1980 - x years the similar somersault made the Ogonek magazine when V. Korotich became his editor.

“The top intuition“ of the gambler, hunter and journalist the poet N. A. Nekrasov opened one more ““ reader. Children`s literature per se in Russia of that time did not exist, children, naturally, were. And Nekrasov began to write verses for children. From several such poems a story about how the grandfather Mazay rescued hares, - the best.

As we see, and in this question the poet - the hunter did not make a slip. The poem about the grandfather Mazaya to the Russian kids is read by their parents, tutors and teachers already hundred fifty years. Therefore - that among heroes of the Russian literature on popularity old Mazay takes the second place and if concedes it sometime, then unless to the Cheburashka.

The internal rhyme in the name “Grandfather MAZAY and HARES“ forces to think that this history is thought up by the poet from beginning to end, and Mazay is the fictional character. But nekrasoveda claim that it not so. N. A. Nekrasov described true incident.

We will begin with a scene of action which is mentioned already in the first lines of the poem:

In August, about Small Vezhey
C old Mazayem I beat dupely.

Dupel is a small marsh bird like a snipe. And Small Vyozhi - the village near Kostroma. From here to N. A. Nekrasov`s estate in Karabikh - kilometers 60, but for the hunter it is not a hook. So the poet in Small Vyozhakh was repeatedly.

The village was to Entre Rios of Volga and the river of Kostroma. The place is low, and every spring it was flooded by a spring high water. To escape from floods, villages built on heights here. Also, on the hill, were restricted also Small by Vyozhi. Were restricted because there was few place on the hill. And as the high water sometimes covered also the hill, houses put on columns here. About what it is written in the poem too:

All it sinks in green gardens;
Lodges in it on high columns.

Spring inconveniences during flood paid off a hundredfold in the summer. In water meadows there was a very tall grass. Besides, till the hottest time in the floodplain there was a set of the lakes teeming with fish. Locals not only fed themselves with this fish, but still traded in her in Kostroma. And bogs from a dupelyama and snipes near the village where there lived Mazay, there was enough. Not without reason N. A. Nekrasov came here to hunt!

There are no Small Vyozh now. All low part between the river Kostroma and Volga in 1955 was flooded by the Gorky reservoir formed as a result of construction of Gorky hydroelectric power station. Residents of the village moved to the neighboring village Saviour.

Now about the main character. N. A. Nekrasov, running to these regions, more than once hunted together with the inhabitant Malykh Vyozh of Ivan Savvich Mazaykhin . That was born in 1801, and died somewhere in 1860 - x years. So during meetings with Nekrasov his rural nickname, “grandfather Mazay“, quite corresponded to truth: he was also a grandfather.

However, recklessly it is not necessary to trust the poet. According to N. A. Nekrasov, Mazay it is lonely, only the little grandson lives with him. Real I. S. Mazaykhin had a big family: two sons and great number of grandsons. His descendants lived in the village up to flooding in 1950 - e years. The two-storeyed house Mazaykhinykh was considered as local sight.

And surname? From where it undertook, such strange? It appears, from the next people, from a mordva. On - Mordovian mazy - beautiful. There is even Mordovian own name “Mazay“, “krasavets“. From this name there was both a surname Mazaykhinykh, and other widespread Russian surname, Mazayev.