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Unless we forgot men how it is necessary to treat women? I Will begin

with the fact what to me bothered to hear already at every turn, from women that men were translated that ceased to look after, help, to appreciate, respect and just to love.
Yes is valid, it is a shame to me with us men, we ceased to do it, for example yesterday leaving from a minibus, I offer a hand to the girl, and it shocked, from - for it, by sight to it years twenty five and such impression developed that to it for her years not to time did not offer a hand, did not take off top clothes, did not open a door with words please pass. I am killed now that coming on a visit to familiar families, the husband let it you speak you will make all, I was already tired at work, and you did not reflect men that homework is very difficult work, stronger warehouses and offices, they are tired also strongly, as well as we at work, and at someone else are also children, I already am silent for women of singles which all pull on themselves. At the end of yes the ends, they give us successors, successors, and we instead of taking a huge bouquet of flowers, to order the fire truck both to drive up to maternity hospital and to hand flowers in a window of darling, stand and we shout as our soccer national team played because I did not look yesterday, and noted the son`s birth. I am silent already about that when some men raise a hand on women if you made it, means on always killed in themselves the man, they need to be protected, but not to offend, let`s understand already for what they are necessary to us the relation, families. It is a shame to me with us honestly that keeping the appointment, the guy speaks at the end, and let`s halve the account. Also it is not clear why women have to take the first steps, we have to do it, we. Stop to dump all affairs on women, they fragile and want to be weak, but not to feel like “men“. Let`s appreciate them, they all this that we have, now to achieve the good girl very difficult as they hammered into the head that we need only sex from them, to have to fit a heap of efforts that the girl understood that it is not the victim what is wanted just to make it HAPPY, and they everywhere look for now a dirty trick. I do not say that all is bad, EVERYTHING is VERY bad where we slide I I cannot tell, but the fact that girls already lost faith, hope in us so it precisely, seldom now it is possible to meet the woman who speaks do not generalize the girlfriend, not all such men, there are still good, means is not still lost, means to someone real men come across and so far so still think, so far and there will be real men and the real women. Now you will look, it became one many more women to go driving, and men looking from a minibus speak, about it it was presented anyway by her boyfriend, for some there merits, but whether you reflected that it is just women began to try to obtain everything, without our intervention that they seek to be independent, at that time when men wish to mount upon the woman`s neck now, it is normal, I consider am not present!!! That it is it women become stronger, than men. Let`s them show what is not still so started and we can provide a family on so many, on how many it will be in our forces and if the man loves the woman he will pull up trees, but all will make in order that it was behind him absolutely safe, favourite and desired and I believe sincerely that they then will reciprocate.