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“Elimination“. Soon on screens of your city

the Channel One and the Odessa film studio represent:
the New blockbuster based on real events
“Elimination“. three urkagan collect by
On the Odessa Supply a bomb from an alarm clock still of the Soviet production. At first want to blow up it right there on the Supply. To scare a few local dealers and to make them a little more loyal to itself and to the activity. Then urkagana are thought a lot and decide to blow up a train Russian the Prime minister - the minister.
under the guise of distributors of dynamite take root Into a gang agents Russian the FSO and the Ukrainian nezalezhny special troops. Kostya and Olesya. Between them feelings and disputes on a subject constantly flash: who has to possess Sevastopol.
urkagana go Meanwhile by train “Odessa-Moscow“ to the Russian capital and carry with themselves under the guise of the Ukrainian fat three tons of dynamite. Agents Kostya and Olesya accompany with
them and even help to pass border. Their task to expose a gang as it is possible more effectively and as it is possible closer by March 4 - the election day of the Russian President. Urkagana`s
bury a bomb in several hundred meters from Kutuzovsky Avenue - the place of journey of a train the Prime minister - the minister. Their calculation is simple and exact. The bomb magnetized in advance clings to the bottom of its car by means of the confidential technology got for 500 hryvnias on the Supply at the seller of fresh Odessa humour.
Kostya and Olesya represent the fallen in love couple at this time and mark the place of a gangster cache with pegs. Urkagana`s
go back to Odessa and there collect the second, spare bomb. On a case of possible failure. Suddenly she explodes and the valorous Ukrainian police arrives on an explosion sound. And there the charred photo the Prime minister - the minister lies.
News about unlucky terrorists is carried across all Odessa and reaches to russko soon - the Ukrainian agents Kostya and Olese spending all the free time in motel in disputes on the Black Sea fleet and the Strait of Kerch.
Agents shocked - a task of Party and Government of two countries for the brinks of collapse. The urkagan which survived after explosion urgently catch, beat, smear with brilliant green and learn correctly and with expression to speak in a chamber.
the Whole world with shudder receives the shocking particulars of attempt and compares it to John Kennedy`s murder in far 1964. Level of training of criminals both there and there, according to the press and TV, is approximately identical. the Russian voter with feeling of anger watches
at the Odessa terrorists smeared with brilliant green. Now the Prime minister - the minister already precisely will become a President.
A will laugh at the Odessa urkagana all Odessa - it is the world center of humour.
A will award agents Kostya and Olesya and will direct to a new dangerous task. It were not the last elections. How many them still ahead!
“Elimination“. You look at movie theaters of your city. Already soon!