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As it is correct to shoot from... slingshots?

Slingshot... Well and that difficult in firing from this most primitive weapon? Put a pebble in a leather jacket, stretched, released. In total. Well, got?-.

Despite the seeming simplicity, it is necessary to catapult to study too. And as effective sights for it it is still not thought up, it is necessary to study long as firing from a slingshot - it is rather an art, than craft. Besides, slingshots happen different. From the simply and compact, finding room in a pocket, to exotic monsters for hunting for deer and boars. And still the general recommendations can be given.

Lyrical digression. Let`s decide on terms. The design of a slingshot is very simple.

Rogatina - V - figurative cut through which the let-out shell flies by.
the Handle - the handle for which the person holds a slingshot.
of Tyazhi - elastic “strings“, stretching and which compression provides a charge throw.
Kozhetok - a clip for a charge.
Some slingshots have an emphasis for a forearm to reduce a slingshot inclination at stretching tyazhy, than more accurate shot is provided.
the Charge - any subject which shoot from a slingshot.

And now, a short course of the “correct“ firing from a slingshot.

1. Stable rack. To stiffen during a shot - the foremost recommendation for exact firing from any weapon. It is possible to shoot, having developed by the case to the purpose, it is possible to stand sideways, as at archery. Legs at shoulder length, the head is turned to the purpose, we hold a back directly, trying not to stoop. The body during firing has to settle down vertically. Bending forward during a shot, you sharply reduce firing accuracy.

2. the Hand which stretches tyazh has to be their exact continuation, that is settle down strictly parallel to tyazha. Any corner gives a strong deviation of flight of a charge from a straight line. The hand which holds the handle has to be a straight line, it will reduce trembling of a hand.

3. the Well-aimed shot from a slingshot is impossible if tyazh are overwound. Being untwisted, they “throw“ a charge on absolutely unpredictable trajectory. Besides that you will not hit the mark, also people around it is possible to injure.

4. the Charge has to settle down precisely in the middle a kozhetka. Both down, and across.

5. the Tension of tyazhy has to be identical. If tyazh to pull one stronger, than another, the charge in flight will deviate aside. Most often it occurs if one of horns acts further the second forward.


It is sometimes more convenient to b to keep a slingshot not vertically, and under some corner. Important - not on what corner the slingshot is inclined, and this corner at each shot is how precisely maintained. “Professional rogatochnik“ even paste liquid level on one branch of a rogatina. At slingshots with a forearm emphasis, such distortion practically never meets.

7. Stable stretching of tyazhy. In order that force of a throw was always identical, it is better to stretch tyazh against the stop, that is until then when rubber already ceases to stretch.


it is better for b to Aim, at first having taken the purposes are slightly higher and then lowering a slingshot. Though some shooters prefer to aim at first, and already then to pull tyazh and to shoot. But such equipment only when firing at a motionless target is effective.

9. Kozhetok keeps bent index and a small pillow of a thumb at the expense of friction force. At extension the kozhetok can jump out of fingers and the charge will depart in absolutely unpredictable direction. Please, remember it! Kozhetok at the time of a shot is released as soon as possible, but without breakthrough. Before an otpuskaniye a kozhetka hold the breath.

Summarizing all these councils, it is possible to write short algorithm of firing from a slingshot:

Look at the purpose.
Get up in a convenient rack.
Place a ball in the center a kozhetka.
Look at the purpose.
Lift a slingshot and stretch tyazh.
Check whether the slingshot is warped, whether tyazh were overwound.
Record a kozhetok in an extreme point of stretching of tyazhy.
Make a deep breath.
Release a kozhetok.