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It is sports - the training traumatic gun. Whether happens such in the nature? “The revolver the Thunder-storm I want to buy

, exactly to shoot much“ . The quote from a weapon forum. You sometime shot from the traumatic gun? Well, we will tell in an A4 format sheet of paper? Well, got where aimed? If yes, I take off a hat …

From the majority of modern traumatic guns very heavy to get even to such huge target at distance more than three meters.

There is a lot of reasons for that.

1. The law on the Russian Federation weapon forbids firing from the traumatic weapon service cartridges and demands from producers to provide it at the constructive level. Those, without philosophizing, usually either rumple a trunk, or vvarivat in it special inserts. From such deformed trunk the bullet flies not directly, and under some corner. Here it is also necessary or to subtilize with aim devices, or it is just stupid to consider this corner.

2. The bullet is heavier, the stopping action and the more abruptly a flight trajectory is higher than it. On - simple, the bullet is heavier, the quicker it falls with other things being equal.

3. The cheapest traumatic guns have no trunk. They and are called, “besstvolny“. The described earlier traumatic Cordon weapon can be an example. In such weapon a trunk is the boss`s sleeve in which the traumatic charge “disperses“. Sports firing from such gun is impossible in principle.

4. The weakened design of the traumatic weapon. The powder charge of the cartridge for the traumatic weapon is much weaker, than for fighting. Plus, purpose of the traumatic gun does not assume frequent firing, meet street muggers whom it is necessary to shoot on defeat not every evening. There are also arms manufacturers on cunning, do cheap products of aluminum alloys, but very beautiful and similar to fighting samples. Take design. And honestly write in the management a limit of a nastrel, usually 300 shots.

And still to combine sports firing and effective traumatic influence, apparently, two contrasts, it was possible. Also these opportunities were embodied in very interesting weapon, the THUNDER-STORM P revolver .

“2. 1. Appointment the Revolver is intended to

for firing by cartridges of caliber of 9 mm of River. Ampere-second a rubber bullet with dulny energy of 30 - 80 J or similar cartridges of gas action.

It is applied:

for an ostanavlivaniye of the forward at self-defense and for protection against attack of the run wild animals;

for it is sports - training firing and acquisition of the correct skills when firing from the weapon“.

From the operation manual on revolvers the THUNDER-STORM series of caliber of 9 mm, gas with a rubber bullet. R. A.

1. “The THUNDER-STORM P“ - almost exact copy of the Czech fighting Alpha revolver. The design of it, “almost fighting“ the revolver provides an opportunity with guarantee to make six shots, traumatic cartridges of any quality. By the way, many traumatic guns “do not love“ weak traumatic cartridges (with energy of 30 - 50 joules). Energy of such boss it is banal is not enough for weapon perezaryazhaniye automatic equipment. In the revolver of this problem is not present at all as the pro-collar of a drum is carried out by muscular force. The fast recharge of the revolver is carried out due to application of clips (previously loaded holders). Revolver charging and extraction of already shot sleeves is carried out by cartridges at the same time by means of one pressing a revolver cylinder extractor. Pressed, sleeves took off, inserted the clip and slammed a drum. The revolver is ready to firing.

2. The design is made or completely of steel (marking P - C), or the frame of the revolver is made of a high-strength aluminum alloy of “TsAM“ which is applied by production of warplanes. In case of application of an alloy of “TsAM“ the letter C in the name of the weapon is not put. Therefore, the high durability of the used materials provides high reliability of the weapon and huge, almost unlimited nastret.

3. There are no partitions in a trunk.

4. The revolver can be completed with several handles of various form for different types of firing. So, at daily carrying the easy, short streamline handle is convenient, and for achievement of sports results it is better to use longer and heavy handle reducing influence of return when firing.

Revolvers are issued in eight types of execution under a traumatic cartridge of 9 mm of R. A. and in two - under a cartridge. 45 Rubber. The mechanism everywhere same, brand depends only on length of a trunk changed in inches and material of which the frame is made.

THUNDER-STORM P - 02C and THUNDER-STORM P - 02 revolvers with a length of trunk of 2 inches are intended for the hidden carrying. About any sports firing from - for short the trunk cannot go also speeches, a bullet, taking off from such short trunk, begins to fall quickly. By the way, this model is made, except 9 mm, and under a caliber cartridge. 45 Rubber.

THUNDER-STORM P - 03C and THUNDER-STORM P - 03 revolvers with a length of trunk of 3 inches allow both the hidden, and open carrying.

THUNDER-STORM P - 04C and THUNDER-STORM P - 04 revolvers with a length of trunk of 4 inches standard “police option“. Are intended for open carrying.

THUNDER-STORM P - 06C and THUNDER-STORM P - 06 revolvers with a length of trunk of 6 inches are intended only for sports firing. The handle of “model 6“ is made orthopedic, with cuts for fingers. To drag with itself such “silly woman“, more than 30 cm long and weighing more than a kilogram, very difficult. However, statistically, it and the most bought revolver of GROZA family. In general, revolvers with a long trunk have the special attractive force, a certain charisma. Let`s remember at least “the Colt - the Python“ which is called “by Rols - Royce among revolvers“.

Question price. Revolvers “THUNDER-STORM P“ very much cost expensive ($750-1200). But in the nearest weapon shop told that it is better to order revolvers with an advance payment as buy up them very quickly.