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In what strength of the swindler?

Fraud in criminal law - the crime consisting in a taking someone else`s property (or in acquisition of the rights for property) by deception or breach of confidence.

Scepticism - doubt. An antonym to the word scepticism is the word belief. However very often confuse scepticism to pessimism. But it is two absolutely different concepts. The skeptic often much more faithful optimist, than the pathological optimist trusting in everything. The last is quite often inadvertently dangerous to people around.

So in what the invincible strength of the swindler?

1. The swindler always looks at others, as at swindlers. The same, in turn, see in it same, as well as they are.

2. The swindler is not interested in your problems from your point of view at all. They are interesting to it only from the point of view of enrichment. Be not under a delusion, the swindler has no feeling of compassion and partnership in your problem, trouble or a grief. This is the terry cynic for whom there is nothing sacred.

3. Most of swindlers are elegantly dressed and are expressly polite. It is their main trend. They are sure of themselves, look you fool in the face, their hands do not scratch chins and do not rise above a breast at all. Their look feels sympathy.

4. Ourselves, it is conscious and without any even the slightest coercion we enter the transaction with the swindler. Yes, we are confused by terms of transaction, but we try not to think of it. We think: “Perhaps I am a fool, but all who came before me cannot be fools“.

5. The internal voice prompts: “Run! And do not even think! Well at least check documents, the blockhead!“ And we, ignoring his cries, we think: “Well... and suddenly will take offense! Will think that I am too suspicious. It is quite probable that they are honest people, and I to them with such mistrust. And office uny what smart. All polite, well-mannered. And, besides, write about them in newspapers, twist their advertizing on TsT. And what website! And terms of transaction are very good“.

And when we are dinamit, throw, part, swindle, okolpachivat and gather, we begin is leisure to argue on a malefice, hypnosis, zombiing and other nonsense, trying thereby well at least in own eyes not to look full idiots. And it is deception again. Only now we deceive ourselves. Only the one who recognizes that he is sick is capable to recover.

By the way, these five hang-ups concern not only to those who obviously throw us on money and property, but also to different sectarians, the doubtful communities mowing under network sales managers, to brothers (all colors), doubtful doctors, roadside psychologists, astrologers, other fortunetellers and handwriting experts. The last also throw us on money, but do it is veiled and is much more graceful.

Has to notice that current swindlers in perfection master and on full power use many opportunities of psychology (as personal and manipulative), without being at the same time psychologists and in most cases even without being interested in it. And if comes to someone to mind to call someone from them the psychologist, then in reply most likely you will see sincere bewilderment on his face. (And those who study psychology and consider themselves as the professional in this area which is not able to put into practice even a thousand share of that knowledge which they consider necessary.)

Whether it means that we sometimes just very much wish that we were deceived? Probably and.

Kirkorov has a song in which such words:

People still of
did not begin to think, they that they were fooled Love...

Think, think, think. And approach everything consciously, every time critically assessing a situation and approaching a problem so as if you deal with the swindler! Get rid, at last, of a complex of a vsetseluystvo and a vsedoveriya. Do not show confused egoism and never forget that behind your back your relatives and darlings. Think of them!

The swindler will not stop before anything and is capable to bring you and your family to a desperate situation, sometimes in absolutely some have enough critical situation for spirit even to commit suicide. And what to do to relatives?