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The patriarch Kirill reminded of the solution of the Stoglavy Cathedral

Mention the Most Saint Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill day Saturday as the day of rest intended by God, caused a considerable stir in theological circles. After careful research of the matter it became clear that in the speech the Patriarch reanimated the resolution of the Stoglavy Cathedral about what we will consider in more detail below.

It is well-known that on the Laodikiysky Cathedral the Bible canon was approved. But was and the mistake is made - trying will separate from the Jews who did not adopt Christianity, participants of the Cathedral proclaimed the following: “Christians should not iudeystvovat and on Saturday to celebrate, but to do to them in this day, - and Sunday mainly to celebrate if can as to Christians. If judaisers obryanutsya, then yes will be an anathema from Christ“.

The orthodox Church paid attention to the existing discrepancy of the 29th rule of the Laodikiysky Cathedral of the fourth precept of the Scripture “Remember day Saturday to consecrate it“. Authors of movement of Saturday on Sunday lost sight of the fact that this decision is not based on the novozavetny books of the Scripture collected in a canon on the same Cathedral. There are historical data that since apostolic days and to the Laodikiysky Cathedral Christians were faithful to God in observance of the fourth precept “Remember day Saturday to consecrate it“.

“Till the second century the obvious evidence of weekly celebration by Christians of Sunday does not meet anywhere. The first mentions in documents of this century go from Alexandria and Rome, places where before everything observance of Saturday, the seventh day of week“ (Saturday in the Writing and in the history, str was rejected. 330). “The first Christians experienced great awe before Saturday and spent day in worship and sermons. And, no doubt, they took it from apostles that confirm several written certificates on this matter“ (Dialogues about Lord`s day, p. 189, London, 1701). “Saturday represented strong bonds which united them with life of all people, and in observance of sacred Saturday they followed not only the example, but also and Jesus`s precept“ (History of Sunday, p. 13,14). “The first Christians actually honored Saturday therefore Christians long time adhered to the agreement on an occasion of Saturday, separate parts of their law were read on church services; and it proceeded to the Laodikiysky church cathedral“ (J. Taylor`s Works, p. 416, R. Heber`s publishing house, p. 416).

Historical evidences of the third century. Egypt (“the Oksirinksky papyrus“, 200 - 250 on River. Hr.) . “If you did not make Saturday in the present sacred afternoon of rest, you will not see the Father“ (the Oksirinsky papyrus, p. 3, London, Office of the Egyptian research fund, 1898). “The seventh day, Saturday, was solemnly celebrated by Christ, apostles, simple Christians to the Laodikiysky cathedral which abolished it“ (The thesis about Lord`s day, p. 33, 34, 44). Till 225 A.D. there were big dioceses or associations of Church of the East (observing Saturday), they stretched from Palestine to India (Mingana, Initial distribution of Christianity, p. 460).

Here therefore when Stoglavy tserkovno - a territorial Cathedral which took place in Moscow in January - May, 1551 with participation of Ivan the Terrible and representatives of the Seigniorial thought was brought together, the question of the fourth God`s precept was brought up on appropriate level and the relevant decision along with Sunday and Saturday, on the basis of the rule attributed to apostles Pyotr and Pavel“ (the 95th head) is made - “to celebrate.

The decision of the Patriarch to restore the status of day Saturday was commented by Yury Belanovsky, the deputy head of the Patriarchal center of spiritual development of children and youth at the Danilovy monastery in Moscow: “Saturday in orthodox tradition, as well as is necessary, has the special status. Cancel the celebration of Saturday established by God nobody can. Nobody can postpone value and sense of Saturday to Sunday. If to show consideration also for orthodox church service, and for divinity, then with all evidence it will become clear that Saturday - the holiday“.