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Your life. Whether you bear responsibility for it?

Are a pity that many people do not take the responsibility for the life. They are ready to accuse anyone of the troubles: the villain - destiny, bad parents, unfortunate love, the state, neighbors, chiefs … and so on, according to the list.

But why the thought does not come that they created that they have that their life is a result of their choice, their acts, their thoughts and words to mind of many complainants on life?

We will take, for example, a typical household sketch: the unfortunate woman constantly complains of the bad and ungrateful husband - the drunkard, abuses him the last words, shouts that hates. “Would die better, the infection“, is the most “cultural“ expression of her “love“ to the husband. In total - that to it in it is mute in a disgusting way: as he eats, sleeps, goes … And the rage, offense, hostility to this man flow from it. “Why you live - that with it? “ - I ask. Answers, as did not want supposedly married it so.

But in life there is nothing just like that. We always make the own choice, every minute of the life.

In something you made a mistake

needs to be looked for in what. Recognize, correct.

But such woman usually does not understand similar thoughts and does not admit the guilt, she is ready to accuse all and all around, except herself. And to all this the spiteful relation, in other words, envy to more successful women is added, and words of condemnation fly again: egoists, prostitutes, love only themselves …

Who prevented to love himself? Why about herself forgot?

Why it ceased to watch itself and forgot that she is a Woman? Argues with the husband with foam at a mouth, trying to change it. But unless a shouting you will remake?

- to begin the only exit with itself! Try to leave off smoking at least. You will be able? Is not present?! And what then from another, the adult, you want? Unless then he married you that you terrorized it by the force and the power, suppressed, reproached, something was demanded? You chose this man, nobody imposed him to you.

Is your choice!

you wanted

I of the child from it.! It was your decision, your desire. Whom do you accuse now? Why someone is guilty always another, only not you?! Did not love it, you speak, to spite of another in marriage went? Here and answer. A keyword - “to spite“. Not for nothing in the people always spoke: “Do not dig to another a hole, itself you will get to it“. Wanted to do to spite to someone, made worse to herself.

Everything, will be enough to bellow! Got it together and began to live, the benefit is for the sake of whom! The child remarkable grows, he - that of what is guilty? Why from - for problems of one person so many people suffer at once!

Everyone in the answer for the life!

Life at us one, our! And how we live, directly depends only on us , not on the aunt and the uncle, not from the kind wizard who it is unknown when will arrive by the helicopter and whether will arrive in general, and from own will, from the efforts made by us.

Look, for example, ants - what small, and create surprising big ant hills thanks to the persistence, diligence and coherence in actions.

And the person - a nature wreath. Only imagine that it can! Yes its opportunities, one may say, are boundless. Only there was a unity of soul and will, reason and desires if only there was a desire to create, create, live!

And to take the responsibility for everything that occurs in life.