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Who found the diamond field in Yakutia? About Larisa Grintsevich - Popugayeva of

it is well-known that diamonds - the best friends of the girl. Therefore though diamond - a mineral very useful and necessary in the industry, at us it nevertheless first of all is associated with the gentle finger of the bride decorated with a ring with brilliantiky or with the sparkling stone on a swan neck of the beauty.

Or, at last, with jewelry absolutely royal, like those diamond suspension brackets around which all intrigue in “Three musketeers“ span.

It is quite possible that on the eve of March Eighth many men will please the darlings with the sparkling gifts. God to them in the help! I want to remember in this regard a holiday one woman who if to speak elevated style of editorials of the Soviet newspapers, presented to the native land diamond fields in Yakutia and to whom this gift cost a considerable piece of life. About Larisa Grintsevich - Popugayeva (1923 - 1977) .

Its biography, the usual biography of Soviet period, reminds me dumps of old steel works where in black porous pumice of slag continually you notice golden impregnations of expensive metal. But easily it is impossible to separate useful metal from dirty impurity. Everything was alloyed in a uniform monolith.

Larisa`s father is Anatoly Rafailovich Grintsevich - was from those enthusiasts of the world proletarian revolution who densely went under a knife in 1937. Being in this nice time the secretary of a district committee of party in Odessa, it did not avoid the general fate. His wife, Olga, quickly understood that she means “ten years without the right of correspondence“, and came back to native Leningrad. Possibly, it saved life and it, and her fourteen-year-old daughter. Already twice “cleared“ from bourgeois and from trotskistsko - zinovyevsky “elements“ the city was more or less safe place for members of the family of “the enemy of the people“.

By the way, the name given to the daughter at the birth speaks about moral substance of her parents. Ninel - the name of the leader of proletarian revolution only read back to front. Then already it was reduced to “Nesle“, and after war in general replaced with Larisa.

You remember the movie “The Dawns Here Are Quiet“? What military specialty heroines of the movie had? The antiaircraft gunner - the machine gunner. Zenitchitsey - Larisa Grintsevich was a pulemetchitsa from April, 1942 to July, 1945 also. The “damped“ biography did not prevent to get the volunteer on war by it. Moreover, in army she entered Komsomol, and at the end of war - party.

Not quite blank questionnaire did not prevent Larisa to arrive on is soil - geological faculty of the Leningrad university. The geology should become romantic specialty of years through ten - fifteen. For now the big competition on this faculty was not therefore the administration not too fixedly examined questionnaires of entrants.

In 1950 the diplomaed geologist Larisa Grintsevich was distributed in All-Russian scientifically - research geological institute (VSEGEI). Tungusko - Lensky expedition where she was enlisted the chief of party, among other things was engaged in search of diamond fields on the Siberian platform.

In geology even the most theoretical, apparently, discussions come to the end with results extremely practical. For example, discussion about that, an organic or inorganic origin oil, ended with opening of the Siberian oil and gas field. At the beginning of 1950 - x years geologists argued also on similarity and distinction of two very ancient parts of the terrestrial land: African and Siberian platforms. In case of similarity search of diamonds in the Siberian taiga was not unpromising. The writer Ivan Efremov, the geologist by training trusted in it, for example. In 1945 he wrote the story (then, undoubtedly, scientifically - fantastic) about finding in Yakutia of the diamond field, a kimberlite tube.

Fortunately, marksistsko - Lenin ideologists preferred not to interfere with geological discussions. Despite all the genius, neither Marx, nor Engels, nor Lenin concerning geology spoke. However, no. The method which Tungusko`s scientists - Lensky expedition developed for search of diamond fields was condemned as bourgeois in due time. Why? Because for the first time it was applied in South Africa which was at that time the British colony. However, condemnation by condemnation, but - geologists did not doubt it - its application in Siberia had to bear the same fruits, as in South Africa.

This method was called “piropovy shooting“ and was based on registration in river sand of a mineral of a pyrope. The reddish pyrope in diamondiferous breed accompanies diamonds. Only pyropes it is much bigger there, than diamonds. Therefore it is easier to find pyropes, for example, in beds of the taiga rivers. At piropovy shooting it is necessary to go along the river with a prospecting tray and it is regular, approximately through kilometer, to wash out coastal sand. Heavy components which after washing remain in a tray are called shlikhy. Shlikh touch manually and count in him quantity of pyropes. If the number of pyropes in process of movement increases, search is conducted in a right direction and intelligence agents approach the diamond field. If other river or a stream flows into the river, and after it the quantity of pyropes in a shlikha decreases, it is necessary to turn on the flowing river and to rise to its upper courses.

However, it is simple? But in practice everything was much more difficult and dirtier...