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What is told in the new law on surrogacy?

First “the child from a test tube“ was born in England in 1987. Exactly there the method of extracorporal fertilization (EKO) was developed and realized. For many women surrogacy became the only chance to give life to own child.

Statistically, about 500 women in our country (nearly a half of them lives in Moscow) are forced to address annually services of mothers - donors. Accurately to regulate the rights and obligations of the parties in this very difficult situation, with 1 - go January, 2012 the new law on surrogacy in Russia came into force.

In what a surrogacy essence? Its most accurate information is given by the World Health Organization (WHO). Substitute mother , by definition, is the woman at whom pregnancy was caused by fertilization of the ovum belonging to the third party, the spermatozoa belonging to the third party. She bears pregnancy with that condition or the contract that one will be parents of the born child or both persons, whose genetic materials were used for fertilization. By the way, WHO suggested to call substitute mother “the gestational courier“, or “the nurse for the term of incubation of the child“.

Substitute mother, in compliance mature her the child cannot reckon with the new Russian law, biological mother. That is the program of surrogacy completely excludes use of an ovum of the woman who agreed to be substitute mother.

Before adoption of this law spoke about surrogacy also in a case when there was an artificial insemination of the woman men`s sperm to the subsequent transfer of the child to a family to this man. In this case the woman who gave birth to such child is his genetic mother.

In the new law it is also for the first time said that the program of surrogacy can be applied in the presence of medical indications. After the child is born, substitute mother is obliged to sign a consent to record in the birth certificate of the child of his biological parents. Any healthy woman aged from can become substitute mother 21 till 35 years after passing of medical examination.

Really, to the child who is born by substitute mother, her heredity, namely traits of character and genes is not told. The children born as a result of the program of surrogacy on the mental and physical capacities do not differ from children who were conceived naturally. In Russia the first child was given birth by substitute mother in 1995 in St. Petersburg. Now more than 140 clinics specializing in EKO work in the country. At any time there can carry out replanting of an embryo of substitute mother.

Where to find substitute mother?

Independently to be engaged in

in search of substitute mother, including on the Internet, quite risky. Future parents of “the child from a test tube“ have no opportunity to carefully check personal and medical information on “the nurse for the term of incubation“. Now for this purpose there are special surrogacy maintenance agencies which carry out selection and studying of candidates and prepare the contract for services of substitute mother.

There is a question how many there are services of substitute mother? Of course, expensively. On average the agency should pay about 1 million rubles. From them substitute mother right after the birth of the child receives for it not less than 800 thousand rubles.

Here such family secrets are regulated by the new law on surrogacy in Russia.