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What is necessary to open family kindergarten?

For many mothers the child`s device in kindergarten turn into the real test. Shortage of these establishments forces some to write down the child in special electronic turn nearly from the moment of the birth. But even in this case the treasured place can be received when the child already has to go to school.

Family kindergarten at home - an additional opportunity to leave the child under supervision in reliable hands and to go to work. Let`s tell what is it and how to organize family kindergarten. Only in Moscow more than 500 such gardens over the past few years opened.

It is possible to organize family kindergartens on the basis of municipal. The woman who has more than three children has the right to create it. Their mother will be officially considered as a teacher in such garden, and children - group. She can invite in group of two more nonnative children, but it is no more.

How many pay for family kindergarten? Pay mothers for operating time a salary of 18 thousand rubles and give money for livelihood on each child. And for everyone taken in family kindergarten too a certain sum is due, speak, no more than one thousand a month. What is important, for operating time of mother - to the tutor of family kindergarten the seniority is charged.

Pupils of family kindergarten can go free of charge to the pool, go in with the trainer for physical culture, visit the logopedist and the psychologist. If on the street bad weather, the teacher from a municipal garden itself comes to family group.

The working day passes in such garden from 9 to 16 - 30 o`clock. There are no days off, as a rule. In the apartment or the private house where the family kindergarten is organized, as well as in a usual garden, there is a schedule: time of a breakfast, occupations, lunch, quiet time and afternoon snack. During the working day the woman has to take care only of children and cannot start washing or go to shop.

The sum which is put mothers - to the tutor on baby food is absolutely small - about 100 rub a day on each child. By the way, it as much how many allocate for this purpose in usual kindergartens. After purchase of products the woman submits the report with the appendix of checks. Mother is a tutor each 20 days receives the new menu and has to adhere to it. These are usual dishes for baby food: dietary cutlets, mashed potatoes, porridges, baked puddings, omelets, kissel. Any sweet sparkling water and chips. On the weekend the woman is given certain freedom, and she can feed the wards at discretion.

What it is necessary to open family kindergarten?

In France, for example, it is absolutely simple to make it. Children sleep on floor mattresses and bring with themselves food. We, as always, have a set of restrictions.

In - the first, the Civil code it is forbidden to create firms in the inhabited apartment. In - the second, according to the standards existing until now in any kindergarten, be it family or municipal, there have to be several sinks for washing, and at the different levels that children of any age could wash hands with convenience. In the usual city apartment it is rather difficult to provide similar.

There are certain requirements and to mothers. The women who decided to open family kindergarten have to end pedagogical courses. The preference is given balanced and successfully passed psychological inspection. Of course, ways of education in each family garden the, but even own children mother is a tutor cannot stand in the corner or splash, as if there was a wish for that. She has to solve all conflict situations a power of persuasion.

As in the country of places in kindergartens catastrophically is not enough, family gardens - big help to mothers. Time to change the existing legislation regulating the organization of family kindergartens ripened. That it was not necessary as in Krasnoyarsk, to parents to unite small groups and to rent certain apartments or big rooms for big family kindergarten.