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Where to find the sensible tutor for the child?

the Choice of the good tutor for the child are a certain guarantee of his receipt in prestigious higher education institution. From - for huge number of a different grade of offers to make it a time not so - that is simple. How to learn what of tutors will find the necessary approach to your child and will impart to it a maximum of knowledge?

How it is correct to look for the tutor for the child to find worthy? Let`s try to understand.

Before beginning monitoring on the Internet where questionnaires of private teachers are published, it is worth being defined for what the tutor is necessary to the child. Everything depends on a goal. If the child has problems with study at school - it is one and if him it is required to prepare him for USE is absolutely another.

Let`s say the child should just be brought up according to the school program - look for among teachers and students. In this case the school teacher will be the best tutor for the child, of course. It has an experience, he knows the program of training and will be able quickly to find gaps in knowledge. But will choose the tutor for the child from own school not absolutely correctly.

Tutors - students, especially from pedagogical higher education institution, has pluses too. It is always easier for them to find approach to the child and to choose the most suitable method of supply of material. If such tutor is full of enthusiasm in teaching and in study, then it will be able this mood to transfer also to the child.

After the first or the second given classes the tutor at the request of parents has to tell about the approximate plan of training. If he has nothing to tell, you should not spend on him time and money. Very important role in successful tutoring is played by the personal relations which will develop between the teacher and his pupil.

Well, with school students not of graduation classes everything seemingly clearly and simply. And what to do with graduates? Where to look for tutors for them?

Today successful entering a higher education institution almost entirely depends on results of the Unified state examination. Only the few educational institutions, besides verification of certificates of USE, carry out at themselves internal tests of entrants. Therefore it is correct to look for tutors for school students of graduation classes follows not as earlier - in that higher education institution where they arrive, - and to try to find the good specialist in USE. It is better to conduct search in the large centers for preparation for Unified State Exam. Now such centers appeared in many large cities of Russia.

Generally, the best way to choose the good tutor for the child is a so-called gossip hotline. Ring round all acquaintances and friends at whom children arrived or prepare for entering a higher education institution, talk to parents of friends of your child. Not so there is a lot of excellent teachers and if it is found, then it you should not refuse services even in case of accommodation of the teacher in the opposite end of the city.

There are tutors which guarantee successful Unified State Examination and absolute entering a higher education institution at once. They are hardly credible. How he can predict such result in advance, without carrying out training? You should not be trusted also especially bred the Internet - to selection USE agencies of “the first-class tutors“. Advertizing of agencies is not necessary to good tutors. The glory about them is given not on the Internet.

Children`s psychologists and a Gestalt - therapists at the choice of the tutor advise to make a start from personal qualities of each child. If he too active, the fidget, then is better to look for for it the tutor strict, with well trained voice. The tutor with a soft timbre of a voice and quiet style material supply will be suitable for the timid and vulnerable child.

What to do if the usual school does not give all completeness of the knowledge necessary to the child? To employ the sensible tutor.