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Whether it is necessary to change an electrical wiring during repair? Let`s count

Doing repair in the apartment or the private house, we seldom think of the safety only because at first sight everything looks pretty well. But for the last year, for example, you bought a microwave or the conditioner, the washing machine - the automatic machine - too the good consumer of the electric power established. And the electrical wiring or devices of protection will sustain all this loading? Let`s consider.

We will begin to dance as always from an oven, more precisely, from the counter. Four wires approach it. The first and third is an entrance. They are not necessary to us. The fourth - 0. It is a straight line. The second wire - phase. It goes on automatic switches, or it is simpler - automatic machines. Them can be a little. Everything depends on planning and initial loading. If you have an electric stove - one automatic machine goes only on it. Further - one on kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom. One more - on the hall and a bedroom.

Face value they can be 16; 20; 25; 32 Ampere. What to choose? Everything depends on the loading connected on it. Each kilowatt gives 5 Amperes of current. Power of any device can be read on a label or in the passport. For example, the electric kettle - power is from 1. 8 kW to 2. 2 kW. We receive current - from 9 A to 11 A. We add the refrigerator, light and, for example, a toaster. If we keep within 16 Amperes, then end-to-end. It is better to choose on 25 A. If by your calculations loading exceeds 30 A, then it is desirable to divide it into two automatic machines. Respectively, the additional branch of an electrical wiring will be required.

As what to choose a wire? Usually in Soviet period there was an aluminum conducting - two veins on 2. 5 mm of quarter. What corresponds to 3. 5 kW of power or 16 A currents. For today it very few people will suit. I will give some recommended options.

Copper wire :

- 22. 5 mm of quarter - current 21 A, power - 4. 6 kW, the automatic machine - 20 A;
- 24. 0 mm of quarter. - current 27 A, power - 5. 9 kW, the automatic machine - 25 A.

Aluminum wire :

- 22. 5 mm of quarter - current 16 A, power - 3. 5 kW, the automatic machine - 16 A;
- 24. 0 mm of quarter - current 21 A, power - 4. 6 kW, the automatic machine - 20 A.

Current of the automatic machine has to be slightly less, than the most admissible current of conducting. It will protect conducting from an overload and possible ignition. Connections of wires have to be uniform: copper with copper, aluminum with aluminum. For connection of different wires use terminal blocks.

Having estimated possibilities of our conducting and requirement of the equipment, we draw corresponding conclusions . Buying conducting, do not take the cheapest even if it by sight does not differ from that, what is more expensive. It is better if isolation is double. Distributive boxes have to have free access on a case of unforeseen repair or change of the scheme of connection.

On light it is desirable to take a three-vein wire (31. 5). It will allow to use the double switch for connection of a chandelier. It is better to lay an electrical wiring at the very beginning of repair.

And couple more of councils. If you decided to carry out any changes - address the pro, but do not self-medicate. Can end not really well. Choosing the electrician for carrying out the planned works, consult to acquaintances who have this stage already behind. The piece of good advice will never prevent. Successful to you repair!