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Who could think that the trip to Denmark will have continuation?

Happened it in the summer 2001 by the invitation of one Dane. Everything was for the first time: flight by plane, a trip abroad, a meeting with the foreigner. Then moved the twenty-five-year-old provincial from Belarus ogoromny desire of adventures, to learn that, other life, ideas of which were naive: the abroad is the one big megalopolis with stormy and rich life where people travel, have a rest and there are no problems there.
the Meeting with the young man was on the second plan.

About Denmark I then not so knew much: the capital of Copenhagen, the homeland Hans of Christiaan Andersen - here and all of erudition. But the main thing - it was the abroad.

And here is how today I remember my first arrival to Denmark.
Dolgaya Road to two hundred kilometers from the airport, small towns with low buildings, settlements, estates, a flat landscape, beautiful flower beds, horses, cows.

When we reached the estate of my future husband, I was pleasantly surprised with shortly short-haired lawn, the decorative lake with small fishes, a huge garden and benches painted in white color. All this looked picturesquely and so romantically that even Turgenev`s stories were remembered. When I entered the huge house, it seemed to me that I in the museum: pictures on walls, the photo, vases, figures filled all drawing room. At once it was thought: here not to do without housemaid and the landscape designer! As it appeared, neither that and nor another never addressed the help. Everything was made with own hands. Near the house I saw a small kitchen garden with three high beds: greens, carrot, strawberry and six bushes of tomatoes. Also only only three beds are a lot of earth!

Parents of future husband with pride said that they provide themselves with ecological products!

In this arrival I also managed to visit the Danish wedding. I was struck by stylishly decorated hall with round tables on 8 people, live flower scenery, beautiful ware, several types of glasses, the plan of seating of guests and any food on tables. Waiters added wine and carried food. Guests at my table drank generally water or drink (!) dances began after 6 - an hour feast already closer by midnight.
Main is a training, a festive lunch, speeches of newlyweds and guests, a table-talk that then it seemed to me very boring action. We got used absolutely to another.
A that summer was a trip to park of flowers, on the beach of the North Sea, walk in the wood by bicycles, on a camping on border with Germany where in the German supermarket from - for a low tax it was bought huge amounts of beer and wine. It was difficult for me to understand that all this could be drunk, having seen as it was a little drunk at a wedding and on a visit. That summer there was all that I did not fit into my idea of the abroad in any way.

But my groom showed me Denmark, than people live as they work and have a rest. And it began to change my idea of that, another, lives.
the Trip to Denmark gave a reason for reconsideration of life, its values. And the subsequent life in Denmark also changed me completely. But on it years were necessary.