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New “Straw dogs“. What is done by the botanist driven into a corner?

Are restless in the American village. The youth absolutely got out of hand. One boozes - parties on mind. To them to lift a virgin soil, so not, only to hryapnut a ruff with whisky in the local bar, a deer on hunting to slam yes the woman what on others sofa to pull. That`s all entertainments. And yes, city they it is hefty dislike.

One intellectual wearing spectacles on a rare wheelbarrow without top arrived here. Brought the wife. Local flood, by the way. Amy is called. Her daddy died recently, here and the maid on native open spaces returned. The hubby its homebrew writes some texts for a box, whether about war, whether about Russians, and Amy in the actress moved. Celebrity tutoshny now.

Local guys prochukhat at once - the screenwriter in man`s business absolutely ignorant. While his wife on vicinities jogs without brassiere, it keys presses everything and Baha listens. Does not believe in God, is not fond of soccer, beer - and that drinks a lung. Such sucker a sin not to offend the word. Or can even business what. And the girl at it visible. And himself knows the price. Here with it to lie where in the secluded place.

While guys entertained the screenwriter on hunting, the friend its old, Charlie, decided to remember the past and to outfit the girlfriend former love. And the workmate his Norman took advantage of the opportunity too. And still they suspended her cat in a case. That knew ours. The husband all the same will not dare to offend openly, the gut is thin. And there look, the misfortune what happens and under this business it will be possible to shoot the four-eyes and the woman it. All the same they are necessary to nobody here. Straw dogs. An eyesore …

I Pledge you the word, sooner or later the circle will become isolated, and the love to remakes will ruin Hollywood. However, there will be it not earlier, than will begin to change movies repeatedly. For now also it is enough original material. The main thing - to wait a pause. For example, between “Straw dogs“ of Sam Pekinpy and Rod Luri`s remake there passed 40 years. That is that who in far 1971 could be passed on sessions of this brutal and provocative thriller today already knocked at least sixty. However, Luri ignored the fact that Pekinpy`s tape is considered classics of a genre and forty years in that case - not term.

I believe, all creators and participants of this project were morally ready that their creation will be compared to the original. And first of all James Marsden (“Ickx`s People“, “27 weddings“) who should pass this way after brilliant Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman still speaks of the participation in “Straw dogs“ negatively, declaring that he acted at the director only for the sake of money. The actor is known for the principles in relation to violence on the screen, but now will not throw out words from a song. Of course, in England (action of the movie of 1971 proceeds in the British remote place) the local board of censors forbade to release the movie in the full version on DVD. The ban was withdrawn only in 2002. Probably, considered that the public zero already saw enough everyone and double rape of the main character will throw nobody in shock.

We will be honest, Luri also did not try to picturize anew Gordon M. Williams`s novel “A siege of a farm of Trencher“. It purposefully made a copy of Pekinpy`s movie that is visible with the naked eye on a set of details and identical foreshortenings. The imagination of authors was enough only for change of scenery. Ah yes, and main character now not the mathematician, but screenwriter. Most likely, in 40 years of mathematics beat out to themselves the right not to be whipping boys. Their place was taken by “wordsmiths“. However, Hoffman was a botanist, and for some reason made of Marsden a major. With bad manners and house-shoes barefoot.

In a separation from the original Luri`s picture looks quite adequately. And creators, undoubtedly, succeeded in it. It was not succeeded to play Hoffman Marsden (and hardly such task was set for him), but the actor who had to wet enemies only one look (“Ickx`s People“) earlier, not bad reincarnated in a role of the blunderer who cannot stand for himself. Yes, in the original transition of the hero from a condition of the meek creature in the status of the ruthless murderer was brighter and reliable, but these nuances are not so interesting to present generation of the audience.

When viewing a tape of Pekinpy I all road was tormented by a question of male charm of the main villain - Amy, Charlie`s former friend. The actor was picked up, to put it mildly, unsuccessfully there. Luri corrected this error, having invited to Charlie`s role of Swede Alexander Skarsgard (series “Real Blood“ and “Melancholy“ of Lars von Trier). The former football player, the cool guy, the handsome - here all animal desires to sex is available and doubts are not raised. Friends at Charlie turned out sample, and this character struck with new sides.

About Kate Bosworth (Amy) and that there is nothing to tell-. In total - in a shot the director with it managed more softly, than from Suzann George. The fact that Luri, unlike Pekinpy, during shootings did not go to periodic hard drinkings affects, as well as did not organize parties with prostitutes where his actors wrung to themselves hands. The rating at both pictures R, but Pekinpa was enclosed in this letter to the maximum whereas authors of a remake did not begin to exaggerate. And even it seemed to much that the rape scene looked like an episode from “A wild orchid“ more, than on brutal and cruel mockery at the woman. All this details, but consists of them general impression.

Using logic of saying of the Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Zi who is been the basis for a tape - “The sky and Earth are not merciful - people for them - only straw dogs“ - it is possible to tell safely that need for a remake was not. So it was moved that common truths are acquired by public better if express contemporaries. In particular thought that the good has to be with fists. And any action inevitably gives rise to counteraction.

Whether it means that in the future we will be able to contemplate the changed versions of “Godfather“, “Taxi driver“ or “The Chinese quarter“? Perhaps. But while creators of these pictures - Coppola, Scorsese, Polanski and other are living, probability of this it is insignificant it is small. Sam Pekinpa who died in 1984 will not be able to oppose reincarnation of the creations any more. And the legibility of present owners of the rights for its movies is inversely proportional to their vanity.