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Johnny Depp in search of “The ninth gate“ or Who illustrates the guide to hell?

the Book - a source of knowledge, and knowledge, as we know, can become the reason of an uneasy dream. Others see a fig in books and calm down, passing to information resources, less expensive and convenient for them. Others carefully iron expensive backs and tremblingly leaf through the turned yellow pages in search of the forgotten truth.

And only the third know the original price of book revelations therefore do not hurry to look under a cover without excess need.

… The rich and unscrupulous book-hunter Boris Balkan addresses the known “book detective“ Dean Korso with an unusual request. Shortly before suicide of the former owner, the collector Telfer, extremely rare edition - “Nine gate in a kingdom of ghosts“, the Gothic volume which author in the 17th century took for the composition death on a fire falls into Balkan`s hands. And, by hearsay, not one wrote the book, and in a co-authorship with Lucifer.

The task faces Korso difficult. In total in the world there are three copies of “The ninth gate“. Besides Balkan, the Portuguese bibliophile Victor Fargas and the French baroness Kessler own small volumes. The Balkans it is for some reason sure that only one of three books - original. This fact also has to establish Korso. And whenever possible to get other two copies.

Having undertaken a tug, Korso soon will strongly regret about it. The habitual scheme “came, saw, bribed“ with owners of “The ninth gate“ will obviously not work. Besides the former owner of the ancient manuscript, the notable and attractive widow Liana Telfer to which Korso was imprudently put first of all obviously wishes to return the book to the collection. Korso`s investigation is accompanied everywhere by corpses, and he soon understands that the required subject is not just text mix with fancy illustrations, and the mystical guide to Hell. Professing the principle “to look for and not to be given, find and perepryatat“, the book detective travels around Europe, teetering on the brink of life and death, in hope to solve secret of “The ninth gate“ before his string ceases to curl … Understanding

that the meticulous screen version of the best-seller of Spaniard Arturo Perez - to Reverta “Dumas`s club, or Richelieu`s Shadow“ can ruin all plan, the famous director Roman Polanski gracefully pulled out one of two main subject lines from the novel, having left peripetias with Dumas`s authorship on a roadside. Bibliophile troubles could enter easily the cinema-goer into a stupor therefore Polanski relied on a detective component of the book, having added on the taste is sensitive a sensuality and mystics.

The mystical component at Polanski in general turned out much more densely, than in the book. And all thanks to the infernal maiden - the beauty, and in combination to the third wife and a permanent muse of the director, Emmanuel Seigner. The last in a shot sparks green eyes, soars in air and even shows couple easy, but effective a shelter - faugh to a pas. The question of an origin of the mysterious girl dangles in air too. The hero thinks it the guardian angel, engravings clearly draw an image of the Babylon loose woman, and to the final it appears as a devil in a skirt at all. Emmanuel Seigner at the husband in general mysterious characters, whether it be the romantic drama “Bitter Moon“ or the thriller “Violent“ where it so inexplicably soars around Harrison Ford always get.

In “The ninth gate“ tell much about a devil and with undisguised desire, as if conversation goes not about Lucifer, and about sausage sandwich which all tasted and everything it was pleasant. One collect about it books, other these books write, the third in his honor copulate as rabbits, and others just want to join it. But the Satan somehow in a shot does not hurry to shine, and is, actually, unclear to whom this role most of all to the person.

It is the simplest to accept the Fallen angel of the main antagonist - perfidious and artful Boris Balkan who is ready to sacrifice for the sake of service to the idol all and all. It a hidden shadow follows Korso, cleaning traces and pulling out from books treasured engravings with the signature of LCF (Lucifer). However vindictive and cunning as a fox Liana Telfer does not concede to the competitor in anything and with ease leaves “incorrect“. And if to remember that the greatest evil is indifference, then and Dean Korso deserves the boiling copper it is not less of allegedly opponents. Mercenary, fornicator, thief, flatterer and even murderer. Who as not to it suits a crown of Lord of the Flies most?

In 1999 Johnny Depp seriously and for a long time replaced role. However, after “Dead person“ Jim Jarmusch to him it was already resolute all the same. And if the image in “The ninth gate“ though somehow tends to positive, then “The astronaut`s wife“ finally stuffed everything on regiments. And then and “A sleepy hollow“ in which Johnny stopped being the expert in books, but became the expert on natural sciences and the fighter for the rights of headless riders.

Polanski`s movie is watched surprisingly easily, and all hints and quotes scattered in the text are necessary only to those who can see them. Even in the simplest reading the viewer will not remain disappointed because the intrigue is observed, the main villain seemingly punished himself, and the hero had the beautiful girl and left on a decline, having finished impracticable mission. Utrirovanno, but such will remember a tape by that who will not want to penetrate into the hidden implication of the story. Producers knew about this remarkable line of the director and therefore entrusted him absolutely immodest money for statement though special effects on the screen on a minimum. If, of course, not to consider impressive movements of the main character on the old woman to Europe, though here it was possible to save on scenery really.

After viewing of “The ninth gate“ you begin to look at a home library in a new way. There, of course, the waste paper in bright covers with toilet paper is more and more, but nevertheless couple of small volumes with pages, tired of time, will be. No, that fabulous money that appear in a picture, nobody will pay you for them, but it is pleasant to feel in hands of warmly present, not digital, but paper book. From it smells not of batteries and plastic, but a childhood smell. Or noisy electric train. Or mother`s cutlets with which you zalyapat the page number 73. The smell is this virtual, subconscious, but it is.

Perhaps, for this reason we so reluctantly leave favourite books? Perhaps on these pages there are not only prints of our fingers, but also a soul print?