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What it, dreamboat of the professional treasure-hunter?

Who did not dream to find a treasure? The shivering hands to take this particle from the past often costing considerable money... But, alas, the little from us managed to realize dream. And it, despite availability a miracle - equipment, metal detectors. It would seem what it is simpler than - bought, included, found, dug out. But not here - that was.

In - the first, it is necessary to know, as where to dig. Literally. The real treasure-hunter does not go at random. It goes for certain, equipped state-of-the-art: the expensive equipment, cards, SUVs to submit off road terrain.

Here I met such real treasure-hunter and spoke. Actually is my acquaintance. He lives excavation in literal and figurative sense. All his thoughts are busy with treasures, and it gets a piece of bread the hands - taking away a treasure from the earth.

But recently he trained for a new profession in underwater finders. According to him, it found the whole village under water, it was flooded after let in work of hydroelectric power station. That for hydroelectric power station and what village - it, naturally, did not open for me. And so - there are houses under water. That houses! Whole streets! Even gardens! Here it also dives, and whether digs, whether catches - generally, is engaged in favourite and very profitable business. Still, the place, on a slang of diggers, “not beaten out“, that is there the treasure-hunter`s leg did not go yet.

Dreamboat of the professional

But what soldier does not want to become a general? And my acquaintance dreams to find the real treasure. It also does not need to be looked for, actually, it lies to itself(himself) at the bottom of Ussuri Bay here more century. It is about the steamship “Varyagin“ which sank on October 7, 1906.

I interviewed peculiar the acquaintance. But before it I with pleasure considered its numerous finds: coins, salaries from icons, a cold weapon, jars and sklyanochka of the imperial period, old photos, newspapers. What only it did not find!

At last, we took seat in cozy kitchen with a cup of the fragrant coffee made by the wife of the hospitable owner.

- Also you know how it sank? - my acquaintance asked me. Having received in reply negative rocking by the head, continued:

- Was undermined on a mine. On our, Russian mine near the bay Waterless valley. They were exposed in russko - the Japanese war against enemy fleet. And here is how so it turned out that “Varyagin“ was undermined on one of them, it is better not to ask. Goodness knows. Perhaps negligence, or perhaps and nonsense. Anyway, steamship at the bottom. And freight, by the way, too. More than 250 people died. Explosion was such force that the steamship instantly went to a bottom. Units including the captain Ovchinnikov escaped. But the commission of inquiry established that there is no fault in actions of the captain and team. Accident.

- Nothing to myself accident, - I was surprised, - and and here you?, It seems, you as regards treasures?

Things are right where they started?

my acquaintance mysteriously smiled to


- Take your time. From newspapers of those years it is known that onboard the steamship there was a gold for the sum of 60 000 rubles. As far as this gold pulls now, itself estimate. Besides gold, it is told that there was very valuable freight.

While I tasted home-made cookies and coffee, the acquaintance added that he very much wants to learn what such valuable freight is. It turns out what it is more valuable than gold?

- Yes, it is the real treasure, - I concluded.

- Aha, an underwater treasure, - the acquaintance pensively rolled up eyes.

- And what nobody tried to lift it?

- Tried, - the acquaintance returned to reality, - yes the same captain Ovchinnikov also tried. Got permission at the authorities. Divers examined the steamship. In 7 years gold and valuable freight remained on the place and in safety. But here trouble - strongly brought the case sand. It was decided to postpone works until spring, and World War I, behind it revolution burst here … Also it turned out according to Krylov: “Yes only things are right where they started“.

- And then, after all wars and other misfortunes pushed luck? Tried to lift a treasure?

- Officially - no.

- How it? - I did not understand.

- Well, here look if I go for searches, say, to the place of the merchant estate, there is a treasure there?

- Probably.

- 50 on 50. Finds will be precisely. But whether there will be a treasure - a question. But here matter in another. I go to the merchant estate, having consulted the old maps. Which, by the way, the ordinary inhabitant does not have. I, of course, can meet other digger - the professional on the place or traces of the cop which he left. You realize?

- Aha, I understood! The sunk steamship is the historic fact recorded in many sources!

- Here - here. Not one I am such clever. And Vladivostok treasure-hunters too not a bast boards. Depth - that the nursery, about 25 meters.

Laws …

- Well, probably, if the treasure was lifted, then mass media would trumpet all about this event including central, - I carefully assumed.

- Aha, and then give to the state 75%. And if define that the treasure found you has historical value - that the whole 50 your %, - it is unmalicious the acquaintance bit.

- But for concealment - criminal liability.

- You know when you in your hands somehow forget the values estimated in the black market at tens, and even hundreds of dollars about any responsibility.

In kitchen the oppressive silence hung. We silently drank coffee. The acquaintance broke silence by the first:

- You do not think, I do not break the law, I pay taxes when it is required.

“Everything, - I thought, - the end to a sit-round gathering, now owners will hint that they need to leave … eh and as all well began“.

But the hostess added to me still coffee, and the owner enclosed cookies in a plateau.

- We with my wife, are going to try to find the steamship this summer and to rummage there. If, of course, we get permission. In a bay are going to build the sea coal terminal, but seemingly local population and administration against. There and so the situation is heated, and we will be here.

- Well and if do not resolve? - I took an interest. - Is not present

- means, no. I will dive into the village, - my acquaintance told and significantly winked.

I, in turn, thought that such people do not give up on the if this ““ costs much and brings huge pleasure. Having thanked the acquaintance and his spouse, I went away, having received a two-centuries coin for memory.