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Slingshot - the frivolous weapon? And if it is a slingshot for special troops? “One I know

… In the middle of 90 - x the American army the slingshot was adopted. Saw a photo. It was the monster with a big leather oversleeve, with a laser tseleukazatel and system of rigid fixation of a charge. It is intended for silent removal of sentries at distance to 20 m. Makes impression...“ (From a forum of “professional rogatochnik“)

Well, about removal of sentries is, probably, search. But here those who consider that the slingshot is only the frivolous weapon of kids - hulyugan, very much very much are mistaken. The slingshot of a block design made of modern materials (a coal plastic, the titan, superelastic rubber - latex), correctly calculated anatomic form with the established collimator sight or a laser tseleukazatel can become the real weapon in skillful hands.

Solvable tasks

1. Problems of a survival: hunting for small birds and animals, knocking down of fruits from a tree. Especially is suitable for reconnaissance divisions on the enemy district where any shot - even from an air rifle - can draw undesirable attention.
2. the Make-shift at mass riots. Here at a slingshot huge advantage because it does not look as the weapon.
3. Silent throwing of incendiary shells, thunder flashes.
4. Transfer of post messages. It is used at small distances, to 20 m when it is impossible to use a radio communication, and visual contact is impossible. For example, to throw the letter through a high wall in conditions when the opponent suppresses any radio communication.
5. the Throwing of marker shells in situations when to apply a paintball marker or, for example, an air rifle, is not present an opportunity. For example, at the same mass riots.

There is more to come. So, the main.

of Advantage

1. Huge advantage of a fighting slingshot that it does not look as the real weapon. By sight - some overindulgence is simple.
2. Weapon very compact. Not without reason the Popular Mechanics magazine called a slingshot “pocket artillery“.
3. the Throwing weapon which kind is the slingshot is used in cases when application of firearms for any reasons or is impossible or it is inefficient. As the throwing weapon at the time of the Vietnamese war the English special forces used folding arbalests, but to bring them from a marching state into fighting, considerable time was required. The slingshot is ready to use always, it should be got from a pocket only.
4. Availability and free of charge shells. Any pebbles of a suitable form will be suitable for a throwing.


1. Firing Accuracy from a slingshot depends on the shooter much stronger, than on the slingshot. Though if long to train, then it is possible to reach impressive indicators. “The good shooter from 10 m without miss beats a target of 3 cm in size (not a typographical error, 3 cm). Bill Herriman (about it it was told earlier) is amused the fact that it beats aspirin tablets from 10 m! Without any sight“. (From a forum of “professional rogatochnik“)
2. the Small force of blow of the charge which is let out from a slingshot. Just designers and technologists many enough solid corporations as military orders if they manage to be caught, promise huge additional money also work on increase of “knockdown ability“ generally now.

A slingshot - the weapon very young. Though write in advertizing of some the Internet - shops that in the ancient time slingshots were used for hunting for a small bird“, actually the slingshot of a modern design (a rogatina, two elastic cords and the leather holder for a charge) was invented a little more than 100 years ago when rather strong elastic plaits from natural rubber appeared. To the powder gun already nearly one thousand years, an air rifle more than four hundred, mankind use onions several millennia.

No wonder, as military turned the look on a slingshot quite recently (to historical measures, of course). Therefore use of a slingshot as regular equipment of fighters of special troops for the present did not come out an experiment stage. However “the bad example“ was infectious.

After the USA experiments with a slingshot began military departments of China, South Korea, Singapore and for certain army of many other states.