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Financial traps. What you need to be afraid of?

It happened almost to all. For example, we learn about a fast way of enrichment. Or with interest we begin to listen to the acquaintance who tries to sell to us new magnificent business - idea. However, eventually, it appears the next MLM - the scheme or a financial pyramid.

Mass media and people around us constantly spread to us various financial illusions which actually do not exist.

Of course, aspiration to the best ( to wealth and success ) - it is quite good, but at the same time it is always worth remaining the realist. Nothing occurs just like that. It is useful to dream and it is necessary. However to wait that on a wave of a magic wand the unknown luck, just silly and extremely harmfully will fall down us.

I will give an example of three most widespread financial illusions (from many tens and hundreds).

1. Earnings on the Internet with little effort

Earnings on the Internet are not such and an easy job, believe me! About 3 - 6 months are required to create the more - less normal blog (website) which will bring in you the first notable income.

Any who tries to earn on the Internet is waited extremely by an unpleasant surprise . To earn large sums, it is necessary to give to your online project a significant amount of personal time and forces. Also it will be necessary for you not only time, but also a huge number of patience both new technical and business - knowledge.

Earnings on the Internet are an occupation not for the faint-hearted and are definitely not way to earn quickly. Simply the absurdity to think that online - business will make you to the rich in a flash. Though if you use the best efforts for this purpose, you, of course, earn worthy reward. But over time. I, for example, needed two years.

2. To me will carry, I will win in a lottery!

it is silly to h2 to think that you can win in a lottery. You derive much more pleasure from purchase of candies, than from acquisition of lottery tickets. There are examples of people which were completely ruined, playing a lottery ( or other gamblings ).

It is losing strategy, and it is necessary to avoid this sucking-in financial illusion. Even if you will win, practice shows that most of winners of a lottery very quickly lose this money.

A conclusion is quite simple: if you cannot operate the money and the budget now, you will hardly become more responsible, having won a lottery.

3. Hired labor will provide comfortable life to me and to my children

Many people die at work - creatively and spiritually. Work on someone very strongly weakens, gives imaginary feeling of safety and stability though if deliberately to assess a situation - you can lose the work and the salary at any time!

What to do?

Use on full time while you work as the hired employee. Your priority - not only strongly grow up as the professional in the business, but also to create strong a financial pillow , to make various investments, to find knowledge of marketing and conducting own business, to practice constantly creation of additional sources of the income in time, free from the main work.

You learn to conduct negotiations, you study the self-presentation and skills of promotion, you learn to sell the knowledge (experience) and yourself as expert as professional.

I often see how people it is banal not can connect two words, confusedly tell about themselves, cannot allocate the main thing in the working biography, hesitate to show the achievements, are afraid to be allocated, are not able to show the uniqueness...

In end it would be desirable to note that to earn with money is the difficult and interesting work demanding considerable ( above an average ) efforts. Financial illusions already destroyed not one life. So do not allow them to destroy also your destiny!

The main secret - be persistent! Then money will gradually come, believe - will come surely! They - only a side effect your new I.