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Love and money. On what your family keeps? Part 2

we Finish the review of wrong actions which can bring into a full disorder yours semeyno - financial relationship.

This banal truth is checked personally by me and my many acquaintances. So, check - whether you afford:


is not important to forget about debts

which of you took the credit. It can affect all your family considerably. If you did not manage to to get rid of the credit before you married, then, at least, you have to have a plan as you are going to pay it.

What to do?

Never undertake each other debts. If you make it, then depth of responsibility can shock you very strongly. If your partner wants to pay the credit , you can help it, however at the same time there is no need to sign papers.

But it will not be able to buy the car if I do not help it “, - you will tell. Then it does not need this car. “But it should pay a huge number of percent“, - someone will think. Then it should not have taken this credit. “ We support each other in everything “, - the third will answer. Well, perhaps, so it also is. But how you will feel when he / she are not able to pull the credit, and you will rake consequences of his or her connivance to yourself?

All of you still reflect on a magnificent wedding, but at the same time were up to the ears in debt? Think again! Svadbomaniya, an exotic honeymoon and the full house of the most modern furniture - it is good, but only when you can independently pay it. To get into huge debts , indulging itself, quite silly.

5. To waste time on trifles

If you are going to reproach constantly the half with everyone, even most slightly acquisition, it will not lead to anything good. Or will lead to divorce.

Generally it occurs when the family has no budget. If to put all small expenditure, quite lump sum turns out. If you really control expenditure, then it is very easy to be defined when it is worth stopping buying everything.

The simplest exit - to allocate to each partner an own admissible limit of money for a month. This money can be used on any whim. At the same time everyone will have a personal liberty concerning expenditure of own money.

Now when each of you has own “ a grist “, you can spend this money without permission and reproaches. You can also agree that you will discuss previously acquisitions over a certain sum.

6. To forget about the plan in an unforeseen situation

In spite of the fact that none of us like to think about bad, it all the same sometimes happens. If you have no money for surprises which the destiny will want to present you, then it will be difficult for you to cope with them. When you live together, the most magnificent is that for each other at a difficult moment you can serve as a life jacket. But often we overestimate possibilities of the partner, and once he loses work or to ache seriously as it becomes real a financial trouble .

What to do?

to you needs to make the Plan for creation of separate monetary fund for emergency situations ( let`s call it “a financial pillow“ ). The size similar ““ has to cover with of a safety cushion basic needs of your family within 6 - 12 months.

Also you remember: communication and mutual arrangements are the main key to successful management of financial wellbeing of your family.