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Love and money. On what your family keeps? Part 1

Not very well, whether you are only going to go to the altar, or together ate not one pood of salt - there are widespread mistakes which can fairly fray your family budget and for a long time spoil the relations. Love and money - how to combine?

These banal truth is checked personally by me and my many acquaintances. So, check - whether you afford: to Have

from each other secrets

Sincerely surprises huge number of people who are accustomed to hide new things from the soulmates. They go to shop, bring from there home a heap of new things and fondly count that their partners are so silly that will not even notice new clothes.

Is also such who just lies about the true cost of the bought thing. Thus, your elect gradually appears such continuous economic disaster .

What to do?

If you think that your partner will object to your purchases, you are deeply mistaken. It is necessary to be open in a question of acquisition of things. So if you plan to marry and still did not discuss all questions concerning money, then you arrive enough - silly and shortsightedly.

You remember: communication is a basis of bases of any relations. And it is difficult to you to trust time to the partner in the financial plan - if you cannot rely completely on it, then, perhaps, it is not necessary to hurry to marry or marry.

2. To live without family budget

It is no secret that each family has to have the budget. In case of a family it is the budgets of two people put together. And here the main thing - to create the general plan and to properly be convinced that both partners have identical views on management of financial streams of a family.

What to do?

In the nearest future agree on the joint budget which will suit both of you on a family council. To decide what to buy and when, it is quite easy. As option, just ask each other a question: whether “ A is for this means in our budget ?“ And if is not present, then you can think in common, where to find a little money for this or that acquisition for a family.

Perhaps, it will be possible to save slightly on its occupations by shopping or its Saturday sit-round gathering with friends. Joint development of the financial plan and following to it will rescue you from actions blindly and the continuous conflicts from - for misunderstandings of motives of behavior at each other.

The family budget can become the real savior of your family relations. Especially, if one of you the great embezzler, and another - the miser with an experience. It will allow to unite requirements both of you both to expenses, and to accumulation on common goals. Especially such approach is important for families which are on the verge of bankruptcy. Knowing a real economic situation of a family, you can make the weighed decisions on the forthcoming expenditure to avoid of a debt hole .

3. Someone main

to One person not to appoint difficult to cope with daily financial affairs. Often one of partners undertakes payment of accounts, questions of investment of money, payment of the credit, postponement for study, negotiations with the lessor, payment of taxes and so on ( actually the list can be continued indefinitely ). Most often it occurs because it is predisposed to such tasks.

But the problem is that if the second absolutely by it is discharged of this process, then the first can just get confused, having got into a groove without third-party control and the help, and the second - will not be able to impart to itself(himself) the correct financial habits . For each spouse important not only to feel the general participation in adoption of financial decisions, but also to understand daily details.

What to do?

Periodically change financial duties, discuss details on payments and payments. All this will give the chance to feel that both of you at the same time. There should not be also it that one of family members deals with all financial issues, and the second laughs the matter off from all this the phrase: “You have all money, here and resolve issues and problems independently“. ( Noticed what many often and tell? ).

The following typical mistakes, sometimes extremely perniciously influencing the family relations, we will consider in the second part of article...