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How to adjust the Internet - connection of ADSL?

Will write in simple clear language without special terms and jabbers that even the novice user or as still speak, understood “teapot“ how to adjust the Internet.

The main options the Internet - connections: fiber-optical, high-speed or ADSL, 3G, GPRS. In this article it will be a question about the Internet - connection of ADSL. It is very simple to adjust it if you signed the contract with provider, received from it login and the password and the message that the line is connected to the Internet.

For example, bought the modem D - link. After purchase we unpack. First of all it is necessary to connect the modem to a telephone network through a splitter (such small box with telephone entrances). From that party where there is one entrance to a splitter, there is a telephone cable to the telephone socket, on the other hand we have two entrances, DSL and Phone, to DSL - the entrance goes telephone shnurik from the modem, and Phone, naturally, from the telephone set if it is available. The splitter is a divider of frequencies. A simple language - allows and to be online, and to speak by phone without various clicks, hindrances and breaks at connection.

Further, we turn on the modem and we look at it. Bulbs begin to blink, light up, the most important indicator for us is a bulb of DSL. DSL - the indicator has to burn exactly, i.e. not blink, after inclusion and before switching off of the modem. If burns as it is necessary, means it is possible to connect the modem to the computer or the laptop the network Ethernet cable (RJ45), usually it blue in a set. What to do if the bulb does not burn, or blinks quickly, or periodically goes out? All these phenomena should not be, you call provider, and nothing should be explained long, you speak: “The bulb of DSL blinks“.

So, we go further. All bulbs burn as it is necessary, at us. The computer was turned on, the modem was connected in an exit of a network payment (it slightly more widely, than telephone). But before creating new the Internet - connection, it is necessary to adjust the modem. It is simple.

For connection of one computer to the Internet the modem is usually connected in the bridge mode, or the bridge, by Bridge - Bridging. For this purpose we come into the browser IE, Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox or any other. In an address line (if at us D - link) are required to enter such address: 168. 1. 1, on inquiry of a name and the password it is necessary to enter not those a name and the password that you received from provider, and admin and admin (for other modems it is necessary to look in documentation what to enter). The window with various buttons of settings will open. For the modem D - link it is necessary to come into a menu item of WAN , to press the Add button , to leave VPI value 0, VCI - 33 (it can depend on provider), and we press Further / Next , in the list it is necessary to choose Bridging, and once again Further and all: Apply is ready / . In the last window there will be such plate:

VPI/VCI: 0 / 35

Connection Type: Bridge

Service Name: br_0_35

Service Category: UBR

IP Address: Not Applicable

Service State: Enabled

NAT: Disabled

Firewall: Disabled

IGMP Multicast: Not Applicable

Quality Of Service: After you pressed Disabled

“Is ready“, the modem will reboot, and in a minute it is possible to create new the Internet - connection on the computer. Here all is already simple, Start-up - Connection - Creation of new connection, to choose “High-speed“, “To adjust manually“, to enter the name of provider or any what want, and in the last window a name and the password which were given by provider. Everything, on a desktop the label of this connection appeared. Now, when it is necessary to us in the Internet, we click on a label two times, and it is possible and to come in “Schoolmates“ and to play online - games or to look for something in Yandex, and it is possible... to esteem still useful articles on Shkolezhizni. ru!