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How shoot impressive video? Deceptive static character of a skaydayving, the loudspeaker conducted the electronic engineer for thrill-seekers of

- and motorcycle races, mystery and a variety of beauty of the underwater world - sometimes it is impossible to come off these shots. And they act not always the professionals armed with expensive equipment.

Generally to the course there are personal videos - and the cameras positioned by producers as sports or extreme gadgets.

The scheduled session of viewing of Discovery channel also pushed to talking about sports and okolosportivny video recorders, and also about how ordinary devices can be protected from influence of external factors as much as possible.

On that side of a lens - extreme video filming in all beauty

Still some one and a half - chambers were two decades ago big, and record duration on the cartridge - small. Development of digital technologies, increase in capacity of means of storage of information allows to use for shooting compact digital video cameras which can be fixed on a wheel of the motorcycle or bicycle, on a helmet of a skaydayver, the parachutist or mountain skier. The scope is limited only to imagination of athletes.

An action - chambers - so call these devices - makes a set of firms. Are most widely presented at the market of the CIS countries of a chamber of production GoPro, Contour, Drift, CamSports, CameraMask, RePlayXD.

What they are

can Classify them as the case:

Tiny for use in usual conditions - the simply and rather inexpensive. The case is, as a rule, executed quite reliably, but to dig in them in sand or to dive in search of treasures - is not necessary.

Waterproof (protection against hit of splashes, drops of a rain, dirt, maiden tears of admiration).

Waterproof - are intended for use under water. Depending on specifications, depth of use can vary from 10 to 100 and more meters.

as fastening:

Fastening on a helmet.

On a wheel of the bicycle, motorcycle.

Fastening for installation in or outside of the car.

Fastening on boards (a snowboard, a board for water and air surfing).

Fastening on the shtativny screw (Tripod Mount).

Universal fastenings - as a rule, are pasted to any surface, represent themselves a rail / clip. To some extent replace specialized fastenings, but have also the shortcomings, depending on execution type.

On existence of additional functions:


With the altitude indicator.

With a depth gage.

With the replaceable battery.

With Bluetooth. Can carry out by

conditionally classification and by quality of record . It is quite simple: HD and not HD cameras.

To be fair I will note that quite often chambers are delivered with a set of various fastenings that allows to use them as the ordinary car DVR. At the same time a device time, positioned as video recorders, have the mass of fastenings too and can carry out function an action - chambers, for example, of BP of AdvoCam.

Adaptation and protection

Adaptation of unspecialized devices to performance of certain functions has to be justified by

either technically, or economically. The same AdvoCam video recorders become an action - chambers by means of an additional set of Action Kit. The video camera with decent technical characteristics, mass of fastenings and germoboksy turns out. I emphasize: adaptation has to be justified.

And now about additional protection. No thrill-seeker will do without mobile phone - the device so habitual today. There are two approaches to the choice. The first - acquisition of the protected shock-proof “extreme“ phone. Pluses - the increased reliability and survivability. Minuses - higher in comparison with usual the price, not such rich functionality. Examples: Samsung of GT - C3355 Xcover 2, phones of the Sonim company. The smartphone among them was only one - Motorola Defy+, but its minus - the price.

The second - purchase of comparative cheap phone or smartphone, for example, “the most budgetary Highscreen Jet Duo smartphone“. Approach pluses: the low cost, broad functionality - the smartphone, as - in any way. Here it needs additional protection. At least, it is a cover and plugs for sockets of connection of charging and font. These measures will allow to prevent hit of dust and moisture in phone and to soften blows when falling. And if something happens, phone will not scatter and it is not necessary to look for the battery, a back cover and to establish them into place.

The interesting decision for protection of cameras - a rigid waterproof polyethylene cover for underwater shooting. Waterproof chambers in itself quite expensive, and rather cheap cover allows to use the favourite camera under water. The low cost of the decision are plus. The main minus - poor quality of the photos made through cover plastic. But protection of the camera in water and on the land is provided excellent. by

the Result

Choosing equipment for sport, it is necessary to be guided by features of its use, but also not to forget about a possibility of adaptation. It is necessary to handle any equipment carefully and accurately, and then it will serve for many years.