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How to hasten spring? We do martinichek!

the Winter this year was quite strange - about the Newest year slush bothered, suddenly sharply struck frosts and snow, and even in those regions where it never before did not happen dropped out. Long and cold the winter turned out.

As there is already a wish for heat, the spring sun! But so just the spring does not come. Spring young lady whimsical. The sun will look out for a while, again will strike frosts. How to bring closer approach of spring? It would seem, we already made all that we could: nicely otgulyal Maslenitsa and even burned the effigy symbolizing the bothered Winter. And the Spring all does not come. As any whimsical girl, she likes to break a little, loves that she was persuaded, called.

So let`s call. What - it is difficult for us, perhaps? Especially as our ancestors had whole ceremonies of a zaklikaniye of spring. In many districts they are also now carried out, there and larks bake and zaklichka sing, and even celebrate the holiday “Soroki“, or “Larks“.

And what to do to those, who has no opportunity to join such holiday? It is possible to conduct independently one simple lovely ceremony on a zaklikaniye of spring. This Old Slavic ceremony still remained in Bulgaria.

We wake up at dawn on March 1, purely we clean up the house, we dress it is red - white clothes and we do dolls martinichek.

Martinichki is small cotton dolls. Them knit in couples: from white threads - a symbol of the leaving winter, from red - a symbol of spring and a gorgeous sunshine. Still white color represents man`s force, and red - female health, all together - a possibility of a reproduction, fertility of the earth, a kind issue of cattle.

Dolls very simply become. We take woolen strings of white and red flowers.

1. We weave it is white - a red lace.
2. (Or on a piece of cardboard width in a palm) we reel up on a palm till 15-20 rounds for a trunk and till 7-15 rounds for handles.
3. We tie up a hank for a trunk one end of a cord, we cut the second party of a hank.
4. We fix the head: we do by strings of opposite color several rounds around a neck.
5. We tie up preparation for handles from two parties and we remove from a piece of cardboard.
6. Tying up strings of opposite color, we fix palms.
7. We implant ready hands into a trunk, we draw a thread which goes from a neck, doing a diagonal cross on forward part of a doll, we wind the remained thread around a belt and we tie on two small knots.
8. On it work with the girl is finished - with men, as always, of efforts more: we divide a trunk below a belt in half and we do legs.

That`s all. Only the description looks such difficult, and once you look at a photo, and at once all becomes clear.

Dolls are ready. Now they can be attached on clothes, it is possible to present to relatives. Such dolls before appearance of the first stork rushed. Well, and where to see a stork it is problematic, - in the city, for example, - before emergence of the first spring flowers. But if it is unreal, then just carry them until the end of March. Then martinichek hang up on fruit trees where them spring wind shakes and twirls. And nearby children sing vesnyanka and play with the small birdies baked of the test - larks. And still it is possible to release them on a current of a spring streamlet.

Of course, the traditional doll becomes size about a palm, but it seemed to me a little inappropriate in the modern city to wear such huge ornament. Therefore martinichek I made the by height in two fingers.

You had a desire to call Spring? It is possible to sing a zaklichka also:

Spring, spring red!
Come, spring, with pleasure.
With pleasure, pleasure,
With great favor: Urodi`s
flax high,
Rye, oats good.