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For what rules are necessary? Of course, that to break them! So pleasantly happens to afford something forbidden, to make some bright and, according to serious people, a freaky act. It is pleasant to live and feel taste of life, to see all its bright paints, all shades … Not to be afraid to be itself, to do that really there is a wish.
As often we nevertheless look back at others, at public opinion, we are squeezed in the designated decency framework. It is difficult to us to express the feelings, to make something just like that. As, you remember, in the animated film “Just like that“:
- It to me? - To You... - And for what? - Just like that!
Just like that, with all the heart.
is pleasant to present another good mood, to smile, support, encourage. Same it is so simple!
All our life consists of certain moments, we them live. Estimating quality of life, we are guided by emotions, by feelings. So let them will be more, kind, pleasant and joyful moments! Let every minute will be filled with sense, feeling and feeling of participation of with life. With people, with the whole world.
Whatever you may say, and all meaning of life is reduced to search of happiness, to its finding. Each person wants to be happy, but values of happiness at everyone the. At someone it in self-realization, at someone in wealth, at someone happiness in children, at someone in love. It is already possible to list still very long. But the essence is that most of people all life aspire fortunately and speak: here if at me was..., here if I could (could)..., here I will achieve something... also I will be happy - (va). And life is here and now, for the person is only TODAY. And this day is important, in is mute there is a future. Why to delay happiness why to rob itself? The main task of any person - to learn to be happy in the present not to wait for something and not to live past, and consciously to form the life already today, choosing pleasure, approving happiness. To lead the happiest and full-fledged life - here all sense. To enjoy what you have, creating itself pleasant conditions for life, for creativity. The person does not know, what is the time is allocated for him, but it is not necessary to postpone the happiness to the future, it depends on the present. Be happy already TODAY, And ALL LIFE to TURN DLYA VAS V the WONDERFUL HOLIDAY! Happiness - it is so simple! “I understood
in what your trouble. - You are too serious. All nonsenses on the earth were made with this look... Smile, misters! Smile!“ (That Myunkhgauzen).
are not afraid to be happy! Be not afraid to be frivolous! It happens it is very useful and it is extremely necessary!