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Love or love?

Experience of love are an independent feeling which cannot be considered as either true love, or its first stage (the love can arise also without love).
Love is the warm feeling which is characterized by attachment.
As it is possible to guess from the above-mentioned, these concepts call quite similar phenomena.
we Will consider the most known grouping of vlyublyonnost: natural (teenage and adult) and substandard (can develop, for example, to inaccessible people). I will present to
A own classification now.
Types of love (on force degree):
- the highest (madness) is when from roofs rush and veins cut;
- high - desire of constant proximity;
- moderated - is simple an inclination.
Types of love (on object):
- family (related: maternal, to the child, etc.) *;
- between the man and the woman;
- material (for example, to money);
- spiritual (for example, to God);
- production (for example, to work, to a kind of activity).
* love Ideal.
Is enumerable the main signs of love:
1) reciprocity;
2) tranquility and comfort;
3) predictability and understanding of the partner;
4) common interests;
5) development into a habit. I will allocate to
love signs Now:
1) you do not notice in the person of negative qualities, apparently, that it consists only from positive that it is the best of all on light;
2) you miss all the time, you think only of it; everything reminds of it;
3) you look for its constant signs of attention;
4) when he tells something to you, you remember each his word;
5) you love with others to speak about it;
6) you can justify any its negative act.
In the conclusion I tried to make the evident comparative characteristic for more accurate explanation of differences of these concepts. Lyubov Vlyublyonnost
Comes gradually and imperceptibly Comes quickly
Is based on fundamental signs of mentality Is based on hormones / situational signs
Has a rational basis Has the sensual beginning
Is constructed on respect, understanding Represents obsession
Leaves slowly or does not leave Quickly departs
In the center - one In the center - several
Assumes compatibility Neglects compatibility
Considers shortcomings Ignores shortcomings
separation Separation is not terrible - the gap
Undergoes testing time Ordering of contacts Operation of contacts
Approval by relatives / friends Censure of relatives / friends
does not undergo testing time
the confidence Gives rise to doubts
Solve problems Hide from problems
Bilateral (reciprocity) Can be Gives rise and Appreciates for put work Appreciates is Very big (is immense) Is limited to
Is self-sufficient, full Trebuyet of protection
Assumes an autonomy of the person Trebuyet of constant proximity of the partner
Forgives all offenses Will forgive to unilateral
for just like that
, but will not forget
After a gap - perhaps return of the relations After a rupture of the relation are not possible
Creation Destruction
Reality Illusion (pink glasses) of
of Feeling! Feelings! (Physical proximity) Unselfishness Selfishness
the Pacification Emotional splash
Reason (habit) Passion
Spirituality Intimacy
Not all-consuming All-consuming
Is universal
Is exclusive
It is operated Merge the Touch
Trust the Jealousy is not operated