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Who the chief at swindlers?

Came across tricks of swindlers. And some part me understood that it is divorce, but … so there was a wish to win the car!

I will begin from the very beginning. I received the SMS with the following text “OOO... congratulates! Following the results of the stock Chance 2012 on your number the prize dropped out: Chevrolet Lacetti car. Information on the website: www.... ru“.

Visited the website: very well issued website, everything is in detail described, there are even cautions about that did not come across tricks of swindlers. Also there was a recommendation to get acquainted attentively with action conditions. Having run action condition eyes, decided everything - to call. The young man who answered my call explained to me that for increase of a rating of payment terminals the action “Chance of 2012“ is carried out, and the company such - that is a sponsor of this action and that my number was chosen as the computer after replenishment of balance of phone (I really refilled recently balance). And on happy combination of circumstances I am an owner of the first prize.

“As it is healthy!“, I thought. Further I need to be registered - to refill balance of advantageous number via the next terminal. It is nonsense, money will come to my phone. After registration procedure passing I become the owner of a prize, and I can receive either the car, or monetary compensation. I chose monetary compensation as behind the car it will be necessary to go to Moscow, and I live in Samara.

On my passport data issued payment by the translation “Blitz“, and I needed to go to the next Sberbank branch to provide confidential codes which beforehand sent me to phone. Well, I went to Sberbank, the translation really was, but with some incorrect data, and I could not receive it. Here I want to make the small reservation on what the employee of Sberbank did not explain to me plainly that not so with this payment; if she made me detailed explanations, perhaps, this history also would not receive continuation. But history does not suffer a subjunctive mood and that occurred, occurred.

Having phoned to the employee of the company, I depicted a situation what he answered me that before receiving money it is necessary to pay income tax, and to avoid red tape, they suggested me to make payment via the same terminal because in this case I will pay only 5% instead of the put 35%, and the company will pay other 30%. Well why I at this moment did not stop!!! It is already clear that it is divorce. The sum of 5% turns out 29200 rubles. I as the madwoman, rushed to look for money - the necessary sum at me was not.

Further there is a following - I enlist money for an e-wallet which number to me is specified by the operator (by the way, I want to tell that different people answered me, respectively by different voices, type looked on the computer, as if everything is solid), and I wait for the SMS with confirmation of bank payment. Well, you already guessed that any I did not receive the SMS.

Evening of the same day I already understood that I was deceived, but still hoped. Next morning I tried to phone to the company. But I was not answered. I tried to return the money through operators of electronic payments, but … they already evaporated.

I want to tell that I kept well, tried not to lose optimism. For calm of I all - went to police, having entered into office with a smile, asked to enlist me in ranks of suckers. Employees explained to me that they, of course, will adopt the statement, but to sense from it will not be. Not to spoil indicators of our valorous police, the application I did not begin to write.

Here it seems and everything, would also be time to draw a conclusion, on the contrary, there is also a continuation. Having come home after a visit of police, I decided to call once again number the companies and … phoned! The next operator who was presented by Mikhail, told me: “Yes, the darling, we you parted“, and on my rush to address to bodies told: “We work four years, nobody will catch us and will even try. You know who our chief?“. Of course, he did not tell who the chief, but it is very interesting to me. You see what scandalous impudence! I just was taken aback from it though what was to expect. On my request refused to return money to me, of course, and hung up.

Well, now all. I wrote this article for the purpose of distribution it on the Internet and to warn the next naive winners of a scam.

Dear citizens, be not conducted on tricks of swindlers, check at least in searchers all data on firm, on an action, you do not hurry: stop and properly consider everything. DO NOT GIVE THEMSELVES to DECEIVE!