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What is wanted by the woman from darling for March 8? About dreams, cats and a sofa upholstery of

Business went by the evening, and gradually became cold. In air the freshness characteristic of the end of winter was felt - March with its changeable weather came. Together with natural pleasures of spring “Women`s Day“ inevitably approached.

This holiday was still loved and noted - contrary to efforts of the truth lovers who are vainly trying “to open eyes“ to the dull population: doubtful versions of emergence of tradition by and large interested thoughtless citizens a little.

Trudging after work with packages in hands, I melancholically reflected on what gift I would like to receive from darling for March 8. Thoughts were sluggish and viscous as the candies which are recently bought “on test“ and and remained to dry up in a vase - test turned out negative.

The look aimlessly wandered on show-windows of shops, without stopping is concrete on anything as suddenly the attention was drawn by something unusual - it was the naked dummy with the piece of bleskuchy matter thrown over shoulders. Most likely, works on creation of an exclusive image were interrupted on a swagger - to major circumstances, and only therefore “object“ was ruthlessly thrown in so lonely - an untidy look.

I braked about a show-window. In the heavy head wavy pushes some not clear thought made the way, gradually it began to accept more and more accurate outlines and in a minute was issued already finally.

This thought was obviously not others, most likely, it arose long ago and peacefully grew ripe under a stuffy blanket of other household drizzles. Everything that was reconsidered on the TV earlier, is read from the monitor and listened in gossips with girlfriends, developed into clear and accurate desire - I want for March 8 IT. And the picture recovered and moved …


Eight dresses and seven suits hung on an auxiliary rack near a fitting room. All things were magnificent, everyone in own way.

Darling patiently waited, sitting in a chair and delightfully - approvingly looking as I defile before it in different dresses. The small group of shop assistants from a distance enviously watched my “transformations“.

The holiday turned out wonderful, and there was no wish to finish it. Especially as any culmination, a finale was not enough.

- Look still at this, - the girl - the consultant removed the next hanger. Something poured zastruitsya on my hands, at heart became warm as if it was stroked a fluffy paw. I stood with presence of a miracle - it was IT …

- Darling, I like this, - I told, pointing to the chosen things. My elect nodded, gently took my hand and brought to lips.

- Darling you do not need anything else? Perhaps we will come into shoe?

… Leaving department of bags with a new clutch, I whispered quietly and is grateful:

- Thanks. It is the best holiday in my life.

- Wait, - darling told. - I have an idea. Let`s stop by in one town …

On a show-window gold and platinum ringlets - chains - brasletik coiled. The transparent crystal flashed a side, winking at future hostess.

- We thank for purchase, - low and with pleasure the shop assistant with appearance of the English governess sang …

on the way to parking darling picked up me on hands and transferred through a pool, from his scarf smelled of my favourite perfume - painfully - attracting and to the family.

The sun is dazzling shone in glasses of shopping center, the spring thaw in unison with bird`s trills played the triumphing anthem of love …


the Elevator moved, doors with a scratch parted in different directions. The lock gave in not from the first attempt, but long did not begin to torment - the third calling ended with a clear victory of a key and manual force. “It is necessary to call the mechanic on Saturday“ - it was thought for the tenth time for the last two weeks.

Having stepped in darkness of a hall, I inhaled warm house air and turned the sconce switch.

- Meow, - the cat told, sitting on a drawing room threshold. It had at the same time happy look and guilty, some color crumb was stuck to moustaches. Behind his back on a carpet scraps of the broken-off newspaper with the escaped letters “… vost“ and the threads which are torn out from a sofa upholstery rolled.

- Hi, Darling, - I told a cat. - Sorozhki was not, bought you the bream...