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When the childhood leaves?

to answer the question posed, we will consider several opinions about it.
1) the Childhood leaves after the termination of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION. It concerns generally those young people who right after school came to a higher educational institution, of course, at the expense of parents and throughout training did not work there, often being mother`s and father`s daughters or sonnies.
2) the Childhood leaves after leaving school. It is the classical option representing opinion of the majority when recent graduates together with the diploma and majority (that in this case is integrated) receive some freedom (at least purely legally).
3) the Childhood leaves the first step of high school when pupils to themselves begin to choose friends, the companies, a hobby (and not seldom bad, not so approximate); receive excessive freedom from the working parents, access to alcohol and other doubtful pleasures.
4) Children in general were left without the childhood. This opinion, is reasonable approach of “a computer century“ when the small children which recently learned to go already best of all than adults understand equipment and begin to climb the Internet, according to “the newspapers which are not absolutely thrown out“, magazines in search of interesting pictures (and not always the innocent!) - already then it is postponed in a brain of the child and can influence his further development - after occurrence of conscious age will turn into criminal acts (for example, theft, murder, etc.) .
the Last option, in my opinion, search, of course, but children`s mentality is, however, very sensitive and vulnerable.
Despite all these scientifically - reasonable versions, I think a little differently, combining all these opinions: each person has an own unique destiny, and it can develop so that the young man, still without having graduated from school, will go to work to provide a possibility of accommodation to itself and the relatives, or someone will not be able just to enter to the UNIVERSITY - (that in our life is quite normal!) it should besides go to work not to waste simply time; and some already quite adults, girls or guys, and after the termination of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION remain in the parental house, remaining in soul for long time children … - it is possible to give still a heap of examples of non-standard destiny of young people, but I will not do it, and it is better, summing up the result of everything above to written, I will allocate the major factors accompanying the termination of the childhood:
- a character change;
- revaluation of values;
- change of outlook;
- desire to be independent, to nobody to submit before anybody not to report, not to take the responsibility;
- confidence that its course of life will be happier and more successful, than at his parents;
- considerable revaluation of the future of and the future abilities and opportunities.
In the childhood of people does not think of time, and just enjoys its forwarding, without noticing any aggravating circumstances (for example, bruises and grazes after “not absolutely successful“ a diving).
Together with the childhood leaves both causeless pleasure, and carelessness, leaving instead of itself unexpected grief and thoughtfulness. For myself I could determine by
its leaving on below to the listed criteria:
and) when in favourite places (at once you understand: places of the childhood) any more - you eat not an oshchushch that tremendous feeling, just causeless pleasure and bezzabot - Nosta;
) at a meeting with something (at once you understand: from the childhood) you remember it as about left, passed (for example, some remembered word in the book, either a tasty dish, or some movie, having seen which we usually tell: “It … my childhood“, having for the first time got acquainted with it still then).
All this can be proved easily: in adulthood there are a lot of any affairs and problems which it is very frequent nobody, except ourselves, can solve, and from - for a lack of time for their immediate execution we not to forget about this “business“ and “problem“, all the time and we think of them, and feelings of the childhood are had less frequently, being soon forgotten forever … by

Sometimes parents, having gone in cycles in everyday problems and material security of a family, forget to endow with necessary amount of attention of the children, seldom remembering what from - for its shortcoming the younger generation retires “into oneself“ (at best) or on the street - and nobody definitely knows to what it there will learn and as will be brought up …, but we will not be about sad! That not to afflict and not to upset none of adult readers with
, I will write: all the same the part of our childhood will be always with us … at least because we quite often remember all this and is frequent with a smile!