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In what secret of female appeal?

of the Woman, as well as men, are divided into different categories. There are among us hunters - collectors of a collection from male hearts, there are also faithful companions of life who are ready to spend all the days with the same man, entirely devoting themselves to him and is frequent, unfortunately, forgetting about itself.

Why to the woman cannot be forgotten about itself?

We, women, are given birth on light not only for service to the man, but also for love, for own development. We are created for flirtation, a coquetry, tenderness, caress. We are weaved from energy of feminity, love, sensuality. We have to be always fine, charming, charming. We have to inspire the man, bewitch the caress and absolutely unostentatiously manipulate him, so, that he even will not understand that his decision is actually dictated by our delicate female suggestion.

Female energy of love fills the man, gives him courage and confidence in the forces. Near the real woman the best male qualities reveal, he begins to feel strong, courageous, resolute and independent.

Who such real woman and how it to become?

the Real woman always remembers

that she is a Woman. In it all secret of its appeal also consists. She likes to look after the body, to be beautiful and sexual. It is soft, compliant and gentle. The real woman is able to afford to be weak because trusts in strength of men. It is pleasant to it when men care for it, showing the courage.

She does not humiliate men, does not criticize, does not try to correct and change them, she recognizes uniqueness of everyone and accepts all such what they are. If to it it is bad and uncomfortable with any person, she understands that it is not her man and with ease releases him. The real woman knows the own worth and is never exchanged for the empty relations, she is not afraid of loneliness because knows that she also is love. And on its attractive light are always flown as moths, all new and new men.

The real woman does not go in cycles in the “sick“ relations in which feels small also unfortunate. She knows that she is worthy love, respect, fidelity and the good relation to herself.

the Real woman loves men!

I contrary to all traditions, stereotypes and bans, she is on friendly terms with men! Also has a great number of admirers.

Whatever immoral and inconsistent it seemed, but all - “like cures like“.

And the more at the woman of boyfriends, admirers and friends - men, the more surely and zhelanny she feels! Besides it stirs interest and its “only thing“, does not allow it to relax and keeps it in a tone.

Therefore, lovely women, do not refuse communication with other men. To you nobody prevents to be loyal, love one and to be happy with it. But it is not necessary to build only this your man to a pedestal, to idealize, overestimate, it is too much hopes for it to assign. Yes, men a lot of things can and a lot of things are able, they are capable of great acts for the sake of the beloved. But what it, the woman capable to make it conceited?!

Unless his tired, not well-groomed and jealous person who “saws“ it for days on end can inspire, something demands or, on the contrary, resignedly carries out all its whims and desires. Yes to it it will become simply uninteresting and lusciously from this viscous predictability and the ordinary.

Your beauty is what has to please him every day, your unpredictability, ease, feminity, sexuality. He has to appreciate it, notice and protect. Do not allow it to be satiated with itself, be interesting, develop, look after yourself and - love the most important, appreciate and respect yourself!

And even if you did not meet the only thing yet, you have time to be prepared for a meeting with it that when time comes, to strike it on the spot the sexuality, feminity, beauty, the mind and experience (“experimental“ it is necessary to hold back quantity). Let him believe that it the best and only for you.

Love and be darlings!