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Bad good person. Who is he?

Each person has a certain circle of contacts - the family, friends, acquaintances, employees. You contact to one as necessary, but there are always those, communicating with which have a rest soul. The meeting with bosom friends whom you know eternity always pleases.

Of course, they have shortcomings about which you know, but are reconciled or even find in them a certain charm. Besides, there are no ideal people, and contrasts are attracted and supplement each other.

And what if you had to allocate from all the friends only several whom it is possible to call good people? At me such situation developed when I was handed dough of “the Jerusalem bread“ with parting words to divide it into four parts - one to keep and bake, and three others to distribute to good people .

This bread causes a set of disputes, but at present it is not important that it is. It is possible to believe in him or not, and it is possible just to perceive as tasty gingerbread. The essence is that if earlier even did not come to mind to divide friends and relatives by the principle bad / good the person, then at this moment of thought - bondage were started turning will.

Let`s say one person is subject to fleeting hobbies, changes the soulmate, but nevertheless the family in prosperity, is enough his (her) attention and love for all. The family knows nothing of adventures and to you, in fact, what business? So - all are happy. Good it is the person or bad?

Another is not punctual - can oversleep, be late, forget, i.e. bring, but the last will give in case of need.

The third sacredly keeps foreign secrets, but considers himself cleverest and does not hesitate to show it. And if argue with it and do not hurry to agree, falls into “just“ anger. But at the same time quickly cools down, it is forgiving and often happens the rights.

The fourth likes to drink superfluous, but has clever fingers, and its character of the altruist will put your problems over his own. He will insist on the disinterested aid and will repair your car, will help with apartment renovation and itself will volunteer to dig up a kitchen garden.

Fifth taciturn person and meek creature. With it it is not really cheerful, but he will condemn nobody, it will always have a wise advice in a difficult situation, and on your birthday will present what you dreamed long ago of since is able to listen, hear and notice.

It is possible to list further characters, habits and tendencies of people, but, I think, it is quite enough these examples to understand discrepancy of human nature.

The following stage of reflection became - and how I am perceived by people around? If to me this bread fell into hands, so my person was estimated too and compared. But time was chosen and entrusted, so for the specific person I favourably differ from others. And I know that often there is not a gift and that my character demands special approach.

Here so sometimes the insignificant event can bring turmoil in thoughts and feelings, and “the Jerusalem bread“ to become “apple of discord“.

So all - - who is he such, this “good“ person? Actually, it is usual, normal, with all the merits and demerits of people.

Choosing itself friends, we are guided not so much by their personal qualities, how many own selfish motives. Without realizing that, we choose in friends of those who will be able to be to us useful in different spheres of life, up to usual support of adherents in controversial issues and the conflicts. We as if hire own army on which we will be able to count in case of need. As we usually describe the friends: are ready to come to the rescue, will not refuse anything, we have similar views, cheerfully spend time, the general secrets. do not make an exception and friends virtual - will give a good mark, will support in dispute.

... I, of course, chose three “good“, but I cannot tell that it came to me easily. What was I guided by? Egoism. Also you should not think that someone another would arrive differently. However, at that time I did not give myself in it the report, but over time understood - giving preference to this or that person, people are guided by memories of the received own benefits from friendship. How often the friend pulled out you from - under fragments of the burning tank? How often you had to go on reconnaissance with it or to save the world? And to ask the friend to give a ride to you by his car when you are late, or to borrow one hundred till tomorrow, or to sit with the child? Not lofty matters and reflections, namely these household trifles also define relationship between people.

Time to draw a conclusion came.

If you consider the person as a friend, there is no need to analyze as far as he is good. Especially, what for one is good for another is not obligatory at all.