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8 Marta: what is told in ginekeyakh? Some - against!

I cannot Suffer it - this holiday, March 8. You feel like a Burenka with a wormwood flower behind an ear … The falseness is permanent. Try to dip an emotional row, but strain analytical skills and logic - it is possible, then you in something agree with me.

364 days nobody saw in you the woman, and here on 365 - y at husbands and other chiefs the libido which smoothed their state wrinkles suddenly leaped, and at children the feeling of love to mother read off scale.

And all began to express violently pleasure about it, concerning the planned feelings. At the same time absolutely even without being interested: and what they today at you? Perhaps, same, as well as all other 364 days? And to you it is not joyful at all because the short general holiday, as usual, will end with your everyday life.

Perhaps you this day will want to stay absolutely alone, deliberating eternal. However, the last years I and do. I for an eternal holiday!

Probably, someone does not know, but most of women on the globe are not lucky enough to celebrate on March 8. The international Women`s Day, appears, not really - that and international. And in many countries where this holiday is, it is connected with serious fight of women for the rights. At us everything got stuck on a phase of grandiose honoring and praise.

It seems that at us treated women as with the aged, weak-willed and convenient government: flattered, cajoled and lulled uneasiness. This day plays at us the same role that an effigy of the Japanese chief in a restroom. Its firms. It is possible to spit on an effigy, to beat, trample, and then to go to serve its prototype again.

It is thought cool up! Ours too not fools. Not to stop up the sun with a finger!

9 - go March and 10 - go too any woman does not doubt the talents, progress and advantages any more, all love her, respect her rights and do not encroach on her duties - exactly one day! Also it lasts for the whole year. And for whom is not enough - there is for secure St. Valentine`s Day.

And where celebrate in a different way or do not celebrate in general? And it is valid, well congratulating will do this day if they give flowers and tell tender words on weekdays?

You will tell that not in all countries and continents now to tender words and flowers. It agrees! But it is the separate song … For now do not take away from us the last dream that there are real, unfestive men. So, it turns out that we have Women`s Day only one in a year and that till a lunch.

After a lunch of forces at darlings is not enough for a feat any more. And they which are smelling sweet as virtues, but grown fat heart come down to the habitual behavior model. And man`s - that days in a year leaves 364 and a half! Well when we will cure this gumboil? Even from a female holiday of the man remain in a prize!

In a temper can seem to someone that I am a feminist and I do not love men. I love them, some selflessly, but there is a wish to respect more! And too.

Harmony and happiness mean dynamic balance in the company of man`s and a feminine, balance thin as a razor edge. Ancient symbols of the yin and yan incomprehensibly precisely reflect desirable equality of love and partnership.

The most sad that the developed gender distortion is not created by our contemporaries. And, apparently, by them it will not be corrected.

The female share is sometimes so heavy, and the rights are so insignificant that even presently in some regions of India of the been born firstborns of a feminine gender destroy. And only therefore there deficiency of brides is observed.

About what equality can tell society which 99% of wealth are concentrated in male hands? No, I do not think that someone dreams of matriarchy: it is an extreme again. Matriarchy ended with patriarchy. Quite primitive maximalism.

Most of women ripened for partnership. And countries of Northern Europe clearly demonstrate usefulness of such partnership. Encourages a little that in the last structure of the State Duma there are a lot of women.

Women, pretty, well let`s strain! Let`s arrange ourselves and them such everyday life that to them, beloved, it did not seem a little. Let`s create, at last, the ministry of fertilization and we will open committee of despair. That they, but not we dreamed of March 8 when we, at last, calm down and we will persistently lie, expecting a symbolical breakfast in a bed. And all holiday we will save spirit and inspiration the next 364 days. Will be just rikhtig!

Then, maybe, they will guess that in female life something not so. Also will try to eliminate this perpendicularity. The abroad, as always, will help us. I joke, of course.

I know that only the most naive wait from men of generosity for, and advanced (more true, removed) women with intellectual prosperity above an average remember that rescue drowning - work drowning!

And concerning my almost scornful attitude not festive, or rather, towards man`s hot feelings, I will answer them:

“God, do not judge, you were not the woman on Earth!“