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Then decided that everything that belongs to the Great Patriotic War, should not have a limitation period, round date since war is not subject to oblivion especially as its direct participants in this war, unfortunately, every day remains less and less.

About war, of course, is told and written already much. But all - many facts to our descendants will remain unknown. For example, where in literature available to me did not meet how many participated in the war Tatars how many they returned from war how many among them was Heroes of the Soviet Union etc. Whether yes there was such statistics since Tatars lived across all territory of the former USSR and now 20 million. Tatars in Russia live in all regions not compactly. For military registration and enlistment offices, for replenishment of the front, the national identity warring, in general had no basic value since all Soviet people took part in war. What role was played in the years of war by Islamic clergy in the patriotic movement, in approach of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, it is known to very narrow circle of people. Therefore even if small data on this subject, have for us - Muslims - great value.

It is possible to mention several articles about a Muslim factor in days of the Great Patriotic War. These are the materials of the “Round table“ devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Victory, published by very small circulation in 1995 Nurullayev A. A., “Muslims of the Soviet Union in the years of Great Otechetvenny war of 1941 - 1945“, and also Imanutdin Sulayev`s article printed in Voyenno - the Historical magazine No. 5, for 2007. “About activity of Muslim clergy in the years of war“. Even these publications, small on volume, contain very important, very valuable data.

The most authoritative mufti of the country - the Chairman of the Central Spiritual Management of Muslims Abdurakhim Rasulev (1889 - 1950) at the beginning of war (exact date is unknown) made article - “Participants of Muslim clergy in a bolba of the people of USSR against Hitlerite Germany“.

The special znayecheniye had the address of congress of the Muslim clergy which took place on March 15 - 17, 1942 in Ufa under the chairmanship of the head of the Central Spiritual Management of Muslims mufti Abdurrahman Rasulev mentioned by me.

It is known that those years in the Soviet Union there was one Spiritual Management of Muslims in Ufa. Were organized separate in Central Asia and in the North Caucasus already later.

The century of which took place on October 15 - 20, 1943 in Tashkent the First Kurultai of Muslim ulama made the decision on creation of Spiritual Management of Muslims of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, at the head of it there was a mufti Ishan Babakhanov.

Congress addressed to brothers in faith in which it was told: “We, Muslim theologians and representatives of believers of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, on behalf of all Muslims, address this Address to all of you - our dear sons and brothers! Shoulder to shoulder battle against all people as brave lions, against nazi aggressors, destroy hated fascists so that any of them did not remain on our planet! Protect each span of our earth and strengthen the ranks a cast-iron discipline. We urge all verubshchy to pray to Allah and to ask it to help our soldiers and to grant a fast Victory over the enemy“.

The similar address was accepted also by the constituent congress of the Spiritual Management of Muslims of the North Caucasus (SMMNC) which took place on June 20, 1944 in Buynaksk: “We called and we call all believing men and women going to army without sparing the stomach, before plny destruction of the enemy to work in the back, without sparing the forces to increase force and power of our army and our otechetsv“.

Severo - the Caucasian Islamic clergy promised to strengthen still from now on the prayers about acceleration of hour of final overthrow in ashes of Hitlerite criminal predatory army, about sending of a victory to our Soviet state and nice allies“.

Muslims gave essential material support of Red Army. About it svidetelsivut in particular such documents published in the Izvestiya newspaper for March 3, 1943.


Moscow, the Kremlin

to Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin

With great satisfaction I send you from a name musulyan the USSR to mudflows. Inspired with progress of our nice Red Army, I personally bring

of 50 thousand rubles on construction tank and the special message I invite

of the believing Muslims to donate for construction of a tank column. Praying to

to Allah, sincerely I am sorry to you health and the fastest defeat of the enemy.

The mufti Tsentralnogo of Spiritual

management of Muslims Abdurrahman Rasulev

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to the Mufti of the Central Spiritual management of Muslims Abdurrahman Rasulev

I Thank you for your care of armored forces of Red Army.

Accept mine hi and gratitude of Red Army.

I. Stalin

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Having been at war in one of front newspapers in 1943 I read that the tank column of “Shamil“ successfully smashed Germans. It is not excluded that ways of our 17th shooting division as a part of which I was at war somewhere and intertwined since. on the Kursk arch where I participated near Prokhorovkaya, there was the largest in the history of the Great Patriotic War tank slaughter where, as we know, our troops crushed Germans. In more detail about a tank column of “Shamil“ I learned from the Dagestanskaya Pravda newspaper which incidentally got to me of May 27, 1944

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the Tank column of “Shamil“ smashes the enemy

(the copy of the publication in the Dagestanskaya Pravda newspaper from 27. 05. 1944)

Dear companions!

Our household troops received the tanks constructed on the funds raised by workers of Dagestan.

Fighters, sergeants and officers of our connection thank the leaders of the republic and all workers of Dagestan for your support. Your gift of Red Army speaks about unity of the front and back, about the deep commonwealth of the people of the Soviet Union seeking to crush together quicker the enemy.

The party and the Government highly appreciated our affairs. All parts of connection are transformed to Guards.

To forty of our fellow soldiers - tankmen the high rank of Heroes of the Soviet Union is given. Our people with pride say names of the Hero of the Soviet Union of guard of the colonel Gorelov, guards of the major Orekhov, guard of the senior lieutenant Zakharov and others. Thousands of our tankmen are awarded by awards and medals.

We assure you that having been hit the terrible weapon in the hands, we will ruthlessly smash German - fascist invaders, to execute the order of the Supreme Commander: “To clear all our earth of fascist aggressors and to restore frontiers of the Soviet Union from Black to the Barents Sea“. At the same time we call on new labor feats which together with progress of Red Army will bring closer hour of full defeat of the enemy at the front.

Command and a political department of N - sky connection.

Katukov, Popel, Zhuravlev.

Whether the field 08608 mail Should tell

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about unity of the front and back, and also about aspiration of Muslims, together with all people, together to clear our earth of fascist aggressors quicker.

In the Holy Koran there are such words: “Battle against those which battle against you, but be not instigators because God does not love unfair. Exterminate them where you will find them. Expel them from where they expelled you, be relentless to the enemy.“

the Prophet Mahomed (yes Allah will bless it and welcomes) has such words: “Love for the country and protection it - a religion debt. The help to the soldier taking the field, arms it is equivalent to participation in battle. Even peaceful work of the men and women who took the place of the soldiers who left on war it is equivalent to participation in fight“.

Thank Allah, there is a lot of feats of Tatars in the Great Patriotic War. So, Musa Dzhalil`s feat (1906 - 1944), the Tatar poet, Hero of the Soviet Union is known to the whole world. It is an example of firmness of the person. In 1943 being a wounded, he was taken prisoner. Knew that it will be executed soon, but it did not go on any compromises with fascists. Also it was executed in fascist prison of Moabit.

Rightfully in one row with War heroes, I by right would put Baryya Batyrovich Kudashev (1916 - 1992) in the thirteenth generation belonging to estate of the Tatar noblemen - murz. From the first and to the last days it as the doctor saved to thousands to wounded fighters lives. After war, having become the doctor of medical sciences, professor, saved lives to tens of thousands of oncological patients. Thank Allah, the general Gareyev Makhmut Akhmetovich nowadays is well, unconditionally it is the legendary personality. From prevy days of war it on fronts, in entrenchments, on a front line. He remembers that, having got under bombardment, he at full vulnerability began to pray with despair, from helplessness. “The person nedetsya always on God, on something supernatural, on a miracle“, - he writes. “And was a Komsomol member“, - continues in memoirs in the Tatarsky Mir newspaper in No. 5 for 2006

it would Seem, even the person not former in Islam, in a certain situation always comes to Allah, to God.

I cannot but tell several words about myself and the help to the front my father. Our family, together with my grandfather, a rank of the IV State Duma of Russia Minnigaleev Mingazetdin, in 1930 there were raspressirovana. In 1942. I, 17 - the summer young man, was called up for Red Military service. On fronts of the Great Patriotic War participated on Western, Bryansk, the II Belarusian fronts, after 3 - x wounds came back to the part. After the fourth wound met the Victory in hospital. When in 1945 returned to parents the disabled person of the II group, the house at parents I found the young man - the disabled person since the childhood which early lost parents. During war my parents educated the adopted boy, then specialty. I also learned that the father as soon as could, helped the front, it sewed for the front of a mitten. Living very modestly, constantly underate. Gave modest savings to fund of the Victory, subscribed for a loan etc.

For one the fact that my parents during war saved life to the boy - the disabled person sheltered the homeless child, educated him, and then specialty and the road to independent life, for one I low would bow down to them.

The father`s merits - in the help to the front, the victim of political repression who is in the north of Krasnoyarsk Krai were noted by the medal “For Valorous Work in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945.

The father, being in exile there where “Makar of calfs did not drive“ (from the next went to 800 km. roads), of course, he could not know about the appeal of Muslim clergy of the USSR to the Muslim Brotherhood about which I mentioned above. My father was deeply believing person. It also as many thousands of people, remained together with the people. Obviously, his spirituality, its debt moved that in a time, heavy for the Homeland, to help the front - a debt of each person.

Many including I, participating absolutely young in the Great Patriotic War, did not know still ayat from the Holy Koran, but Allah was always with us. It was in heart. We knew that the Homeland should be protected honestly, honestly that it is a sacred duty, it is our debt.

Both in the Great Patriotic War, and in a peace time, of course, there is a lot of feats of Tatars and it pleases us. Recently “The Russian newspaper“ No. 62 of March 23, 2011 reported about speech of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski at opening of a monument to the soldier - to the Tatar in Gdansk. I do not know about a feat awarded memories in a monument, but I am very glad that the feat of my compatriot, my brother in faith is estimated by Poland. And it, certainly, is honourable for all Tatars. It is an example of the fact that the role of the Tatar is estimated in other country and it surely has to become History of Russia.

Apparently from only several examples given by me they added many bright pages, protecting the USSR for about 450 years, staying as a part of Russia.

Contemporaries of those military years are veterans of war, home front workers have to be an example in education of spiritual, moral principles for modern youth. And still, personally I was at war also to a vmestsa with Russians, both Belarusians, and Ukrainians, and Georgians. Lived, studied, worked also in the international environment.

I write these lines, being a patriot of the nation, being since childhood an adherent Islama. If these lines have to be considered it to people of the younger generation, I want to wish that each person had the moral, spiritual core, the commitment.

And still, since 2001, from the date of opening of the mosque “Ikhlas“, I am her parishioner where the imam - hatiby, fortunately all parishioners, is Mukhamet hazrat Gallyamov. I with full confidence declare, there was no Friday, festive sermon or a meeting of a mutavalliyat where prayers from the Holy Koran about the world would not sound. I would tell, In the Holy Koran, one of the most often repeated ayat is about the World and Humanity. Therefore it is not clear to me how in the North Caucasus the terrorism appears. In my opinion the person who passed the Great Patriotic War, original Islam and terrorism cannot coexist nearby. In other words, it is incompatible concepts.

Finishing the lines about episodes of the Great Patriotic War, I want to emphasize that war of 1941 - 1945 was one of the most bloody, it lasted 1418 days and nights, the claimed life more than 27 million people. This war in the history of mankind saved the WORLD. Let blessings and Allah`s blessings of a niyeogd do not abandon us. Let at least in the 21st century there will be no wars. The world, wellbeing are wished by me to the brothers in faith, the compatriots, the people of Russia. Amen!