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Who thought up canned food?

good and tasty liked to eat mankind always in difference from hungry pastime therefore began to stock in immemorial times. Especially Egyptians caused a stir in it: they embalmed not only corpses, but also different food that the dead man in the next world did not starve. At excavation in 1922 found 3000 - the summer roast ducks corked in clay vessels, and who were quite edible, for example, for dogs. But all this there were first attempts to make canned food, the mankind could bring this ability to perfection only 200 years ago.
What was an incitement for creation of ways of preservation of products? It appears, Russia played in it a considerable role: the first-ever banks were created in France for Napoleon`s army that in severe Russian open spaces French during war of 1812 could survive. And though trophy banks came across to the Russian soldier, he them called “lyagushatiny“ and did not recognize for food. Only in 1870 in Russia the first cannery appeared.
A here is more detailed as these banks appeared in France. There lived in Paris a certain Nicolas Francois Apper who inherited from the father fine restaurant on the Champs Elysee. Here also its culinary gift revealed. It was enterprising and soon its small restaurant had reputation of the most fashionable institution in Paris. He was not the fool and when, in 1800 Napoleon promised 12000 francs to the one who will think up a way of long storage of products, with enthusiasm undertook implementation of this idea. It needed 10 years to be entitled from Napoleon “The benefactor of mankind“. Apper was not an inventor, he was a practician and managed to use news from the world of biology, then the subject of self-generation of life was very popular. Here practical Apper also understood that if properly to caulk up a product and long to boil, he long will not become rotten. For purity of experiment it took and rolled up several cans with products that in 8 months to open them. At the same time he and the name thought up to the banks: from the Latin word con - (to keep) servo, and entered the world of canned food. Napoleon not only thanked Apper, but also at the same time inadvertently arranged him loud advertizing: the glory of the cook became eternal. Soon it opened “Different Food in Bottles and Boxes“ shop and founded the canning empire “Apper and sons“. In the cities of France 65 streets bear a name of Nicolas Apper, it speaks about much.
Such were the first steps in conservation. Still time for the invention of covers, devices for opening, production of cans was required, but the canning flywheel was already started. Now it is a basis of the world food industry which constantly improves the methods of conservation.
Here such canned food!