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How to make a shooting shooting gallery in the ordinary city apartment?

It is guilty, I like to do some shooting. For the long, almost semicentennial life did some shooting almost from everything that shoots. From an army sniper rifle to absolutely nonprofessional Chinese slingshot from the next stall.

I visit a shooting gallery regularly, the benefit, the head the good acquaintance, allows to do some shooting after official closing when there are no strangers indoors, nobody disturbs.

But when my daughter, and was fond then of this “sport“ and the wife, they became almost professional shooters, and visits of a commercial shooting gallery began to cost a good pretty penny. On a family council it was decided to organize a shooting shooting gallery directly at home. The benefit, were going to shoot only from an air gun for which the size of our corridor from a hall in kitchen (about 7 m) - just a suitable distance.

No sooner said than done. In principle, it was only necessary to make a puleulavlivatel (laid out a wall pillows), to choose targets which exclude a ricochet, and just to begin.

Puleulavlivatel can be made also of the blanket or a cover which is hung up on a wall of sheets of polyfoam with pasted on them a cardboard established just before firing practice.

At what to shoot? How to make safe targets?

Personal experience. At first shot at empty tin jars from - under beer. The thing is cool, but when firing from the gas-balloon gun the probability of a ricochet is high. (How to make that jars did not ricochet, I will write below.) Then I found where to buy cheap balloons. One evening of their nastrelivala prior to one and a half hundred! But here neighbors rebelled, say, it is noisy too. All right still a shot sound from an air gun, it still it is possible to suffer, but when also the ball claps … It was necessary to think out more silent targets from a cardboard and polyfoam. Then adapted to catapult. Both it is silent, and is free.

So, conclusions. Most effective - on mumpish balloons. But expensively and to inflate long enough. And neighbors can not like quite loud cottons.

Cheaper, but too it is cool - on tin jars. They at hit fall and loudly rattle. For children, of course, entertainment on five points! A storm of emotions - foolish enthusiasm at hit and tears the river at misses. To exclude a ricochet, the forward wall is cut out from a jar (approximately on one third) and the plastic vstavochka which is cut out from a plastic bottle is inside inserted. If not to insert such insert, the jar will quickly turn into “sieve“ and will not fall even at a direct hit. And jars with inserts serve much longer. Speak, it is interesting to shoot at balls for a ping - a pong. I do not know, did not try.

It is possible to shoot at self-made paper, cardboard or foam targets of the most different forms also.

Than to shoot?

Well, I shoot from an air gun (balloon and critical) and slingshots. On balls it is also possible to throw darts from game in darts. It is possible to make still weak onions and arrows, in principle, such onions can be built from any elastic branch, and an arrow - from long tubules with tips from a student`s eraser. It is possible to make also the wind gun - a tube of suitable diameter plus peas of the next supermarket. From it it is possible to shoot even turn! It is possible to think up something still.

of the Safety rule

the Weapon is the weapon. My house in our room dash follow the same safety rules, as when firing by firearms. First of all, after firing the weapon is surely put on a safety lock; when loading the weapon the trunk is directed in the safe direction; if someone goes to establish targets, all put the weapon on a table and do not take it in hand until the person does not come for their backs.

the question Price

the Gun shooting metal balls by means of a gas spray can be bought

in the nearest weapon shop at the price from 2000 rub. The barrel, approximately on 50 shots costs 25 rub. Balls for firing: a jar of 500 pieces - 50 rub. And one jar we shoot several months: shot back, collected from a floor by a magnet balls, put them in a jar.

The air critical gun which does not need a barrel costs 1800 rub in the same shop. But lead pools which it shoots cost about 70 kopeks apiece. To reuse them it will not turn out.

The first slingshot which I bought in a stall on a market cost 70 rub. Did not sustain even fifty shots. Now bought a normal sports slingshot for 700 rub. Balloons wholesale can be taken from 50 kopeks. Beer jars, a cardboard and polyfoam for targets roll free of charge on the next garbage can in incredible quantities.

As you can see, a shooting gallery even in the usual small-sized apartment it is not difficult to make at all. It is only necessary to want. And to make.