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and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

of Urazumeniye the understanding person the pupil understanding the correct own value definition to develop others the sense depends to understand does not give in to an urazumeniye it is necessary ability to comprehend the of reality of the events new ability influences came

z Urazumeniye - understanding of reality, comprehension …
pzv In formation of the correct urazumeniye of reality plays very important role spirituality, morality, philanthrophy, benevolence, love to the nature, activity.
z Cardinally changes urazumeniye of the person faith in God.
z influences morality through shame, conscience, compassion, mercy, call of duty formation of an urazumeniye of reality … p the Main thing not to see
- and to comprehend.
and to the Wise man is enough supervision of transformation of chicken from egg - to comprehend everything.
of C what the person cannot comprehend - he feels heart.
p Urazumeniye - is more important than knowledge. p It is not so important to
to learn, see, hear, - to comprehend the main thing, and
necessary to apply.
to Urazumeniye - is more than eyes and ears. p That it is better for
to comprehend something - these should live.
and If the lie is better to comprehend, than truth - believe it.
to did not comprehend - lost.
and what the person is not capable to comprehend - passes by it. pv That really something to comprehend
- at first it is necessary to fall in love with it.
p the Question mark - the urazumeniye engine. p the Person should not pass
by something unfamiliar.
z Desire of the person to an urazumeniye of reality is caused not by idle curiosity - and a self-preservation instinct. and Disturbs
an urazumeniye - indifference.
d Reflecting - it is possible to comprehend a lot of things.
and Lively wit on a scrap of information is capable to comprehend a lot of things.
zp That better information to comprehend it it is necessary to receive several times.
zd Help to comprehend knowledge.
and Urazumeniye grazes feelings.
p the Hindrance in an urazumeniye of reality is discrepancy.
z Having coordinated reality urazumeniye - the person becomes all-seeing.
and Urazumeniye often comes over time. p Hurry to comprehend
! We understand a lot of things too late.
z Clever and silly differ in an urazumeniye natural less, than what is created by a civilization.
z The more unusually, the more difficult for an urazumeniye. and We feel by
only what is capable to be comprehended. there is no
to Without attention - an urazumeniye. and to the Acute person to see
rather a little or to hear
that to comprehend a lot of things.
pz the Girlfriend of an urazumeniye - ingenuity.
z to Urazumeny is promoted by intuition.
p the Person understands that is that wishes to comprehend.
p If you want that people, comprehended something - make it it interest.
and Many people cannot comprehend essential part of reality.
z helps to present Imagination to comprehend.
and the Person as a reasonable being lives the fact that he is capable to comprehend. there is no
and If something did not comprehend - so, it seems, it and.
pz the shortest, easy and available way of an urazumeniye - through truth.
pz the Real, deep, original, durable urazumeniye comes not through vital information and even not through education, and through the truth which is given rise by reflections and supervision.
pz is carried out by Urazumeniye in essential degree - through supervision.
pz That to the person came an urazumeniye, it is necessary to be interested in everything that occurs around, the obtained information logically to comprehend and draw conclusions.
p is more favorable to comprehend that is what you can affect.
p is better to comprehend beforehand everything - what can face, but not that is that already fell down the head.
of JV Effektnee and is easier to comprehend reality, without looking for the answer to the set questions, and fixing spontaneously coming answers.
z to receive the answer to the question posed, are necessary for
of knowledge and effort for studying of this subject.
zs the answer Dawning on us beaten to us by a tide of life to
a question which we once asked ourselves should be recorded only, without spending time for thoughts and studying of collateral material.
z to enrich, clear, fix the urazumeniye people are forced to talk constantly with each other, attributing to this occupation absolutely other reasons.
pz By supervision, comparisons, experience and the analysis - can comprehend a lot of things most.
p feeds on Urazumeniye on interest and surprise.
p the Most valuable urazumeniye that which belongs to life - it closest to natural, natural activity.
z Than a profession and other duties is closer to life, the nature,
the smaller hindrance generally, urazumeniya they are.
z the Clever person, getting into a jungle, it is sprayed and therefore not
very well knows primitive areas of life where each trifle is familiar to silly
z Silly instinctively does not study complex matters that all
of power of the poor intelligence to give up on such bases as
food, reproduction and a survival.
and Sometimes that to comprehend something - there is not enough life.
pz We cannot comprehend reality at once, entirely and are forced to comprehend it in parts. It is not so terrible if in this
there is no system. And connect the main thing that the person could comprehend these parts in a single whole. Much do not manage to make it, and they turn into clever fools, have concepts, and cannot coordinate
p If all events to observe, comprehend, analyze - it can be enough over the years to become the person understanding.
p Healthy curiosity and love to life, people, the nature -
good assistants to an urazumeniye of reality.
p the Analysis and logic - in a reality urazumeniye faithful assistants.
and the Real human life begins only after a reality urazumeniye. p If you do not want
that life humiliated you, and even crushed,
you will find time from cigarettes, beer, sex and comprehend reality.
p The quicker the person will comprehend reality - the earlier will choose a right way.
and One try to comprehend reality by the arisen need, others - on idle curiosity. And only the third, rather in love with life and understanding the price judgments - comprehend it with enthusiasm and responsibly.
z the Person is capable to comprehend everything only superficially.
z Urazumeniya of the person depend on way of his life and traditions. to Everyone everything will comprehend
- on the.
pv At a negative urazumeniye of reality of the person cannot it will develop correctly.
pv the Person with a negative urazumeniye - cannot get the real happiness.
of stars Purposeful development of an urazumeniye - a maturity indicator.
to Urazumeniye - the child of reason and feelings.
z of the person are formed by Urazumeniya through knowledge, feelings, emotions, thinking, supervision, experience, the analysis, conclusions, mood, health …
pzv Cannot be comprehended correctly - in area which is not studied and is not experienced.
z In formation of urazumeniye are necessary knowledge natural, socially - historical, technical, philosophical, everyday …
zpv Urazumeniya have huge practical value, influencing wellbeing, behavior, life, interests, the purposes, a way of life, the relations of people …
z influence urazumeniye vital values.
p the First girlfriend of a new urazumeniye - has to be discussion.
of C of Urazumeniye has to be born as the child - in the person.
z the Exchange of urazumeniye - a communication core.
of C the Correct urazumeniye - is truth.
with Urazumeniye - is dissolved in benefit.
z Change of an urazumeniye can take away the person to other world, life, community, generation …
of C At the people who are not self-controlled an urazumeniye one - life another.
to the Print of urazumeniye - on a human face.
p can result the Wrong urazumeniye in defects, offenses, and even crimes.
pv When an urazumeniye are wrong - human life and his relatives turns into a nightmare.
lvp Nonsense to have an urazumeniye - is compelled, will trust in a rumor.
and Urazumeniya of youth - the most resistant.
p Urazumeniye without doubts - big nonsense.
z Essential deformation of urazumeniye of the person occurs under the influence of a reproduction instinct.
z significantly influences individual urazumeniye - the widespread and dominating moods of society.
z Correctness of an urazumeniye is promoted by clarity and flexibility of mind.
z In installation of the correct urazumeniye - not to do without logical thinking. p the Person along with own urazumeniye has to present to
a picture of views of various societies.
p In urazumeniye is important accord.
p In urazumeniye is very important - logical symmetry.
z Assimilation of others urazumeniye, without analysis and search - destroys the personality.
z the good support for formation of the correct urazumeniye of reality serves the analysis and experience.
zp That will get rid of an inconsistency of urazumeniye of reality, it is necessary to begin with simple everyday truth, slowly moving, coordinating them among themselves. p the Dissonance in urazumeniye of reasonable people leads
to search of truth, fools - to hostility and hostility.
pzv Intolerance to others urazumeniye - interferes with development, establishment of truth, adoption of the correct decisions.
zpv depends On correctness of urazumeniye of the person his destiny and wellbeing.
z Urazumeniya of the person depend on his activity.
z result Urazumeniya in adherence to principles and conviction. there is no
z Without urazumeniye - opinion.
z Through a prism the urazumeny person estimates all events.
zpvd Loss of the correct former urazumeniye occurs under the pressure of defects, temptations, pleasures …
pv Urazumeniye has to change thoughtfully and first of all because of growth of spirituality and knowledge.
p Own urazumeniye - is more convincing.
p needs to be done periodically revaluation of the urazumeniye. p We often renounce
the urazumeniye - satisfying requirements.
in Contrast of urazumeniye destroys mentality and obscures reason. vzp Some people of an urazumeniye constantly change
. And these opinions are often directly opposite. Over time they finally get confused. It is possible to consider that they in general have no own look and cannot have. The person without opinion cannot act right therefore these people live incorrectly, making the mass of mistakes. Without having improved this situation, they have one exit - to find in the guide`s life, it is better than the relative, and is blind to it to submit.
pz Discrepancy should be eradicated, since the simplest concepts, having stopped at the same time communication with liars and fumblers, having excluded contact with information on the highest matters.
pz At discrepancy eradication plays the predominating role coordination of knowledge among themselves in one logical whole.
z are often obliged by Urazumeniya to sympathies and desires.
p the Wrong urazumeniye prevent to see truth.
in At the knowing person of an urazumeniye is more correct.
and Some people are inclined only to a distinctive urazumeniye. nothing remains to
with the Person how to have an urazumeniye according to the hint of others in that, knowledge about what it has no, or in what he is not able to comprehend.
z Many people are not capable to understand reality - they only confusedly, is foggy and inconsistent state judgment of others, giving it for the.
z to Own urazumeniye even at capable to understand - is difficult to break through opinion of parents, teachers, to the public that what world it is wanted to be shown.
yu Urazumeniye of the fanatic - unshakably.
yu to the Nature unlike a civilization is not conducted that such urazumeniye - it concerns only reproduction.
yu Singularity of an urazumeniye is more often from nonsense - than genius. yu Some inaccessible for an urazumeniye - perceive
as not decent.

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