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Man pants. When they became a usual detail of clothes?

Ordinary pants have unusual history of emergence. The mankind long and difficult went to emergence of this subject of a toilet. Remember lines from A. Voznesensky`s poem “In the mornings, having put pants, do not forget about hours!“ And so, it could not be made up to the end of the 19th century: hours already were, and pants were not yet.

People tried to create repeatedly something similar to pants, but for various reasons this process did not reach a logical conclusion.

Historical digression

In the ancient time the first subject which covered a lower body of men were loincloths. On many Ancient Egyptian frescos it is possible to see people in a loincloth - of a skhenta . Often it was men`s only article of clothing. Skhenti is a strip of fabric which the man wrapped up around hips and fixed on a waist by a belt.

In a classical antiquity people did not carry underwear and at the same time did not feel any discomfort. The Greek tunic and the Roman tunic did not demand that under them to put on something else.

During the Middle Ages era as underwear of the man next-to-skin trousers - bre carried . It something like drawers which tied on a waist with a cord. Their length reached knees. But by the 15th century medieval bre were truncated and began to resemble shorts superficially. From Italy the fashion came to cover legs from below. Atop bre steel put on tight trousers - shossa , two-piece: on each leg separately. They were attached by ties to a belt.

next-to-skin trousers were transformed to Renaissance from baggy bre in skintight to a body and got more modern lines of a cut. They were sewed from light materials, and on edge decorated with an embroidery.

In 18 - 19 centuries next-to-skin trousers or drawers were renamed in the French style into underpants (fr. cale ç on). They remained accessory of exclusively men`s suit.

In its current form pants appeared at the end of the 19th century. First only very rich people were able to afford this novelty. It was not accepted to advertize underwear. But many men were interested in a fashionable subject of a toilet. And here came true: at the beginning of the 20th century one of the English dandies exposed the photo of the new pants embroidered by red rhombuses on a public inspection.

During “evolutionary development“ of design of pants on them the codpiece (fly) appeared, later this innovation was postponed for underpants.

boxer shorts as phenomenon of the Russian culture

Outside 1930. All Soviet country - continuous stadium: athletes, football players and boxers are popular. About them movies are shot, there are verses and songs. Possibly, which - which of the senior generation remembers “Sports march“ (I. Dunayevsky`s music on V. Lebedev`s verses - the Red bunting):

Hey, the goalkeeper, prepare for fight: Hour you are delivered to
at gate. You present to
that for you a borderland all right! of

That the body and soul were young
Were young, were young,
You be not afraid neither of a heat and nor cold weather,
Become tempered as steel!

A physical cult - hurrah! the Physical cult - hurrah!
Hurrah! Hurrah!

Be ready
When will come hour to hammer the enemies
From all borders you beat off them,
the Left edge, the right edge, do not yawn!

any official holiday in the country did not do Without athletes: they marched before a government tribune at Red Square, and in small towns there passed harmonous columns of the young people and girls dressed in sportswear.

Popularity of sportswear was huge. Men especially wanted to look as their idols are athletes, but without shorts it was unreal. So boxer shorts were born in the USSR . In official consignment notes they were called as “the pants simplified smooth“. There was the Soviet standard of boxer shorts: length from a waist of 48 - 50 cm, trouser-leg width in the lower part - 65 cm

the Soviet men fell in love with a novelty at once. Husbands, fathers and the senior generation sported “in families at home“. Sitting down to a table, for solidity to pants put on an undershirt. What is interesting, the cult of boxer shorts held on several decades. Not one generation of children remember the fathers who carried houses only boxer shorts.

“Khruschev`s thaw“ was reflected in boxer shorts. Their began to sew from various fabrics: coarse calicoes, silks, shtapelya, knitted cloth etc. The sexual revolution which swept in the world in 60 - x years of the last century, was marked as time of love, creativity and freedom. The fashion of this period introduced the amendments in perception of “underwear“. Now from a forbidden fruit it became property of public eyes.

Appearance of dandies struck blow to boxer shorts. Possibly, the senior generation remembers how dandies in the Soviet execution looked: trousers - pipes, a jacket with big shoulders, a very narrow tie - a seledochka and low shoes on a thick white rubber sole. Under tight trousers boxer shorts did not approach in any way, and the youth began to refuse them, preferring swimming trunks from sateen.

But boxer shorts survived, having slightly changed. Now outside the 21st century, and many men continue to wear such pants because in them feel conveniently and comfortably with pleasure. Modern designers create a set of new models of man pants which can strike on the spot any woman...