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As will cope with emotions of

of Means which can help not to long how much in vain, there is a lot of. To look rather attentively on the parties, and then to glance in own soul to be convinced that so it also is actually. It is clear, that all people different, but are several universal simple recipes for house use which act positively on all, irrespective of growth, age, weight and the social status.

You want to be happy? Be!

“Sing the recipe No. 1, a birdie!“
the Barometer of mood
Several times a day note the mood and the reasons for which it is at this level. In few weeks you will understand what can influence you especially strongly.

Music is capable to improve mood, each of us for certain has a favourite composition after which listening we understand that not everything is lost. We advise you to go further away and to sing! Scientists proved that after 5 - 10 minutes of singing the content of hormone of a stress considerably decreases. So if the working day was intense, once the karaoke sings one or in the company of friends.

Perhaps, your new song for a raising of mood nakhoditsyanut?

The recipe No. 2 “Good mood it is possible to eat“
Hormones of happiness
Endorphins affect us as soft opiates, allowing to feel easy euphoria. The piece of euphoria can be received, having regaled on grapes, chocolate, honey, nuts and even chili pepper.

Our mood falls sometimes from - for the fact that everyday life is gray, behind a window on a window sill the rain monotonously knocks, and no bright paints at this moment are expected. Go to kitchen and eat something, but it is conscious! Vegetables and fruit are not just a portion of vitamins, mineral substances and cellulose, but also the terrible weapon in fight for a positive spirit. Let`s look at them from the point of view of a tsvetoterapiya.

Red (strawberry, beet) increases mood and a potentiality.
Orange (carrots, oranges, pumpkin, peaches) are responsible for increase in cheerfulness.
Yellow (pineapples, corn, vanilla, a saffron) boryatsya with unwillingness to work.
Blue (grapes, a thyme) help to reduce stress

the Recipe No. 3 “Use stocks“
Hormones of good mood
Serotonin is responsible for harmony in TsNS and gives us tranquility and serenity. Bananas, fish, meat, soy - an excellent source of serotonin.

If something is not got on, distract from sad thoughts, remembering the pleasant moments - lacy foam of waves, clean mountain air, a pink bush which blossomed under a window, the first kiss, a declaration of love. Imagine that time to use the saved-up stocks came and you open preparations in which your good mood is kept.

The recipe No. 4 “Move! “

Sitting on a sofa even if the most convenient, with the eye turned in one invisible point it is capable to make bad mood disgusting if you, of course, do not meditate. Any movement brings us, at least, muscular joy. Dare to move even if it is only about walk.

The recipe No. 5 “For inquisitive“ This recipe is suitable

for those who got used to understand as why happens to it. Instead of sinking in the abyss of melancholy, wonder: Why you can be happy? Whom do you love, and who loves you? What in the life you especially are proud of? What you have to be grateful to destiny for?