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Three whales of the Positive

the Last present and the future are connected together - you!
You the one who seysas thinks that he will be after what was.
Thinks always. When goes to work when takes a shower and even then when you sleep you you think. Your dreams are the concentrate of a past diluted present. Therefore many, and maybe you, think that dreams prompt what approaches. Prophetic dreams.
Actually so it also is. Your thoughts are material. And thinking now of what was, you program the future. And even then, when you assume what will be, you are based on own experience of what was or on experience of others, but on what, already happened that occurred.
As to make the future light serene, ideal?
Positive attitude, positive thinking, positive behavior.

1. Positive attitude - Around you occurs many events connected with you or not connected. But anyway, You have to see in everything only a positive side. Any event which exerts impact on your consciousness which gives You any experience has to be considered only from a positive point of attitude.
2. Positive thinking - All that you see, you realize and you pass through a prism of the consciousness, You have to apprehend only positively, but it does not mean to be trustful or ingenuous. It means that You have to think about good and not say at all, in hearing negative thoughts. And only then you will be able to adjust the life on the positive current.
3. Positive behavior - Without it the 1 and 2 points have no what value. We can argue that initially life or consciousness, but is known one that the positive behavior leads to positive thinking indefinitely. Code your affairs, acts will have only positive character and will not go to a section about yours and public consciousness, then your consciousness will change, your thinking and your outlook will change.

It is three whales of improvement of life!!!