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How to have a good time on vacation in Turkey?

For good rest to the Russian person are not enough only the beach, the sea and the hot sun. We need bright impressions and novel emotions. To receive them and to diversify the rest it is possible, having visited excursions in Turkey which today a huge set and for every taste.

It is worth planning this item of expenditure still houses, before travel: the prices of these entertainments can fluctuate from 10 dollars for a sightseeing tour on the city to several hundred for flight to neighboring countries.

Now about what waits for you directly at excursions, not eloquent language of brochures, and as a matter of experience tourists. Conditionally excursions can be divided on entertaining and historical. So, entertaining:

Kvadro - a safari - interest in this excursion depends on the district. In Kemer it is really interesting and extreme - you will go on the mountain serpentine and to enjoy very beautiful landscapes, and here in Alania to ride not so interestingly and around only sad waste grounds. It is necessary to consider that all ATVs only in colon, and the more in it the person move, the more slowly you will move - it will not be possible to drive definitely.

The jeep - a safari - if you badly drive the car, such entertainment can be dangerous, the route in Kemer passes across mountains - on the one hand are expensive the rock, with another - break. For the skilled driver it can be boring unless to derive pleasure from landscapes and from destruction of others car, - that we go by the carefully! By the way, jeeps for a safari, as a rule, out of very good technical condition.

Rafting in Turkey - one of the most beloved entertainments of our tourists. To be alloyed carry to the same place - the mountain river in the region the Baby seal. The river of the second level of complexity from five, the first level as instructors joke, - still water in the lake. Degree of an extreme is small - it is even allowed to get children from 5 years into the boat - but all of you receive a certain dose of adrenaline and many bright impressions. It will be more interesting to be alloyed in a kayak - the double boat - it easier, throws it on waves stronger. Surely order photos where you with the frightened person with frenzy try to overcome thresholds - though there are they and is expensive (about 25 dollars for 3 pieces), but it is really exclusive souvenir, houses all will precisely die of envy! In our opinion, rafting in Turkey - one of the most worthy excursions.

Dolphinariums strongly differ on the level, there are frankly weak representations therefore before a trip it is worth reading responses about concrete of them. If you ever already were on performances, then you will hardly be able to be surprised: most of trainers of dolphins of Russia therefore representations a little in what differ from what we can see in resorts of Russia and Ukraine. However if you gather in a dolphinarium for the first time, or conduct children there - that, undoubtedly, derive the mass of pleasure.

Aquaparks in Turkey . Them a little, all very beautiful, with a huge number of hills for any age and different degree of danger, plus to it unusual pools, artificial waves and falls. The aquapark in Turkey for children is just paradise. But you have to be ready to the following: to sweep with any more - less interesting hill, 5 - 10 minutes will be necessary (or perhaps and more) to defend in turn. After several such “idle times“ to ride, most likely, it perekhochtsya. Anyway, in aquaparks in Turkey there are many other entertainments besides hills.

Picnic - fishing is an excursion for fans of quiet rest, the beautiful nature and actually of the fishing, the rest, most likely, it will be boring.

Yacht trips too on the fan. Precisely you should not go for the whole day - it is very tiresome, will swim in the sea very little - the whole day it is necessary to have a good time in the closed space. If nevertheless there is a wish to sweep, it is quite enough two hours.

Hammam (the Turkish bath) - to learn what is it, perhaps, everyone owes. Hammam - the mass of pleasure, beautiful skin and, subsequently, uniform suntan. Such procedure is offered by any hotel where there is SPA - the center, but to feel all color - better to visit public to boors and the price here 10 times less. In the Turkish bath it is better to descend in the very first day of the stay in Turkey when skin did not burn on the sun yet and procedure will not cause unpleasant feelings.

The Turkish night - excursion - a lottery. There is a lot of ensembles showing representations - from laymans to professionals and winners of the international competitions. If carries, you are waited by very colourful representation and really real tasty Turkish cuisine. For acquaintance with culture of the country it is possible and to visit this excursion though similar performances of times a week take place almost in each hotel of Turkey.

I wish not to be mistaken with the choice of excursions and to receive only pleasant impressions!