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Simple step in finding of happy life!

So, ladies and gentlemen! I ask a little your attention. About what I will lead the speech here can already be to someone the acquaintance, and some can not know. But even those who know can open all the same for themselves something new. Therefore all we sit quietly - quietly and it is attentively readable... STOP! And your milk escaped!!! Joke. It was only one joke. It will be a question further of absolutely serious things which only at first sight seem ridiculous. Well, we will start. If you do not accept your life if you do not see further ways of development if you in deep grief that to you here. Here your way of a schastlivost - the fairy tale. Works fantastically - wonderfully. And the most important - is highly effective. I think that many smiled now or skeptically thought: that well, nonsense. Also closed the browser. Well, I will tell all of you - nobody will impose anything to you. You have on life a full freedom of choice! Both you want - and live. For those who read further you watch what needs to be done:

1. The main thing not to hurry anywhere. And that many in a hurry and if only as wrote also all. You watch that happiness by you did not rush and was not “and if only as“. Treat it seriously. You change the life.

2. Take a clean sheet of paper, think up the title and begin to write. All at least once read the fairy tale? All remember how fairy tales are written? It not scientifically - publicistic article, and the fairy tale. At someone can be: “Once upon a time there were...“, at one more: “In some kingdom, in some state...“, at whom it is simple: “Once, davny - long ago...“. But everything remains on your discretion. Your life - your fairy tale. And one more well is simple the major note - it is necessary to write by hand! As hands are physiologically presented in a cerebral cortex. Well you at least once probably heard such phrase that: “It is possible to determine character of the person by handwriting“. Therefore Perish the thought to print all this. Only to write!

3. As you already probably understood - the main character of the fairy tale it you. Even if you want to make happy your relative, then it is necessary to write in the fairy tale as YOU are happy that your relative is happy. I.e., even if the problem which you want to solve directly does not concern you, all of you equally have to write so that you were happy from its decision.

4. The fairy tale can be written with your real name. Let`s allow: “Once upon a time there was Ivan Ivanych“. And it can be written metaphorically. For example: “Once upon a time there was an Ivan the Fool“. The main thing that what you write about was clear to you.

5. The fairy tale begins with the worst, i.e. how you badly lived that you had not and in such spirit. But the fairy tale is the fairy tale. I.e. to write that: “Veins Ivan Ivanych who worked as the process engineer and received a low wage“ - so is impossible for himself. Embellish the life. Write more metaphorically, but that it was clear to you what there is a speech about. For example: “Once upon a time there was such to himself Ivan Ivanych who worked in the palace for the king...“. I hope here clearly? All we work for some director. If is not present - write something special. But that it was clear to you.

6. Further there is a transformation of your life. Let there is no this transformation for the present in reality, but in the fairy tale it has to be obligatory. You do not stint the imagination - same the fairy tale, in it all is possible. You with the fairy tale have to describe the past which is personally connected with the present and flows in the brightest future. Even if you have in life a last event not it and gloomy, then in the fairy tale it has to be all the same slightly worse than the future. I.e. the future as a desirable event has to be much better than the past.

7. And further as in the fairy tale: “also they lived long and happily“. Well or what is pleasant to you more.

8. On the end of the fairy tale you have to sign it surely. You confirm these the copyright of your happiness.

9. Show your fairy tale to nobody at all! And tell nobody about it. Even to the closest people.

10. You for the night put a leaf with the fairy tale written on it to yourself under a pillow. At the same time surely having before going to bed read once again the fairy tale, learning in each line of, the life. And if you usually before going to bed think of any nonsense for today, about day future, then this time you need to concentrate only on the name of your fairy tale and on it to fall asleep.

11. It is necessary to take this leaf with the fairy tale one morning further, again it is obligatory to re-read and... to burn! Yes! Thus the fairy tale is exempted from paper and gains your vital character. Also it begins to be embodied.

12. And one more important point which should be written in the beginning. Namely: write as it is written. It is not necessary to re-read, edit something. As here your programmed and zastereotiplenny mind enters work. Write as it is written. Even if then you read and will think: “In nonsense!“. So what? Write with heart!

All fairy tales kind, light. And though their heroes undergo certain difficulties in the beginning, but everything comes to an end well. You remember it. The fairy tale nobody can do much harm. You write not the thriller. To be angry in the fairy tale with someone and to send something bad too it is impossible. If you read such fairy tale to the kid for the night, then he will jump aside from you aside. The fairy tale approaches almost under any problem. The main thing was able to write. I write “almost“ under any because: “What shoes to me to choose tomorrow?“ is not a problem. Though if you have a good imagination and excellent creative bents, and to write not laziness to you - that forward! And here about laziness - if you only read all this, in mind will think up everything and spread out, and you will write nothing, then you look that to happiness there was no laziness to you to glance. Therefore my council - implement all clauses.

Thanks to this method, my life changed in the most cardinal way. When I saw it, I advised all this to the family, and then friends. You know, I could praise highly now here with a bang what I wrote. But I will not be. Because when you will make it, you will praise highly it with a bang. So start. Also be happy!!!

p. s.: and one more moment - write in the fairy tale something more global, and that really: “What shoes to me to choose tomorrow?“ is not that. Better make yourself the wizard and all. I why so wrote about the wizard - my friend by means of this method which I offered her, made of myself the magician. I at first played a trick on it, laughed, but when she not once proved to me how its magic works, I began to be rather afraid of it. And in general we well are on friendly terms :)

And I advise all of you - as soon as possible write the fairy tale! And your life will become happy!

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