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How I had bronchitis and in how many me it managed?

the Winter of last year was fierce, cold weather stood serious. And at our place also heat badly - the beastly cold was. To 17 degrees in the room. You think did not cause crew? Caused, came, felt the battery, left. And so time 5. But it to the word.

To put it briefly, I was not saved, got sick. Coughed strongly, temperature rose to 39. With such temperature any nonsense it is possible to talk nonsense. Well I also talked nonsense - called the regional doctor.

There arrived our local, God`s grandmother a dandelion. Person it good, kind, only doctor lousy. 7 years ago it nearly ruined me. I had a bilateral pneumonia, and it treated me for ORZ. Well, the ambulance was caused, and then the doctor from clinic Semashko. They rescued me. All right, arrived listened, looked at language, measured pressure, porassprashivat. Also opened the sick-list. Wrote out outdate biseptol long ago. With that also left.

And temperature - that does not fall. Next day called the doctor from Semashko. There arrived the grandmother again - a God`s dandelion. But another. Too attentive, directly tender. Took 3000. On 4000 drugs wrote out. And blood test at home for 2000. Moreover an antibiotic which should be pricked. The sister had to be written out, 200 more rubles for each prick. And them 14. Well, but helped. I was on the mend. Well arrived to the policlinic, to a dandelion, to close the sick-list.

But not here - that was!

It is necessary to tell that I live not where it is registered, and it is attached to other policlinic. There I was also sent, having set only one seal on the sick-list. There is nothing to do, went to that policlinic where I am registered. Sat down in turn. The turn in our policlinics is just the encyclopedia of the Russian life. What only you do not learn! But generally the content of talk is reduced to the thesis “and why you jump the line? “ and to the antithesis “and me only to learn“ which according to Leibniz gives rise to synthesis: “all only to learn!“. And all this with voices raised (from a crescendo to fortissimo) is also looped. And so I listened to this fascinating conversation within six hours. Directly before closing of policlinic. The therapist accepted only one on all our area. And everyone minutes on 20 - 30. At last, I got to the manager who kindly agreed to accept several people with sick-lists. Having seen that my sick-list is open in other policlinic, she told me that I have to close him in the same place. Also sent me to registry to receive the new sick-list already of this policlinic. From all this I lifted temperature and I was not written out. Distances also sent a heap of the directions to any analyses good luck.

In the appointed day I came with all analyses to the manager who accepted me, but here she told me that she is not a therapist, and eloquently showed on a gauze bandage on the face. I understood that I this bandage here like general stripes and tried to learn something to what therapist it is necessary to me. On what was indulgently sent to learn to registry (it is more difficult to send further - registry on 1 - m the floor). In registry I was told what doctor it is possible to approach now, and I got in a queue to listen to the oral encyclopedia of the Russian life. This time there were several doctors, and having stayed at last to one doctor, I was sent to line to another as that already finished, and to him still round on a site. What to do? I sat down to another and, at last, was accepted exactly to closing of policlinic. Of course, nobody listened to me, measured pressure, watched a throat. But I was told that the doctor from Semashko is deeply not right that wrote out to me 2 antibiotics at the same time. It appears, they cannot be accepted together AT ALL!!! I was already simply happy to be written out from this hell, I stayed there more than six hours! But closed to me only that sick-list that was opened in this policlinic, and to close the second sent back to that policlinic which issued him! Say, such rules, we can do nothing!

And today final chord! After work I come to the first policlinic, I explain all this and... I am refused! No, tells me my Dandelion, by rules to close your sick-list have to THERE! I speak: write it on a piece of paper! No, I will not be, tells my Dandelion. You come on Monday since morning, there will be our specialist in VTEK. He will explain everything to you.

Houses I got to watch instructions for filling of sick-lists. Curiously, but a case of transfer of the patient from one policlinic in another it is simple there... it is not provided! Though it is told that the sick-list AS A RULE is closed in the same place where opens. I understood that in my first policlinic grasped it “AS A RULE“. Means there are exceptions? But in the instruction cases of transfer of the patient to a hospital and in sanatorium are described, but in both of these cases close the sick-list those who send. I understood that I am just “futbolit“ by my dear Dandelions. Which of them the rights now I should find out in department of health care.

A conclusion from all this history very sad: to be treated by gift - gift to be treated. It was necessary to call the paid doctor from Semashko at once and to receive the sick-list at it. And not to take a steam bath. The truth the remark on two incompatible antibiotics haunts me. Someone from doctors messed up, only who? I just in case ceased to accept the second antibiotic.

Well it is also seemingly healthy, and this most important.

Result: about 12 000 rubles, days in policlinics, a heap of nerves, loss of belief in Mankind.